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Harry was not  a regular church goer, but Louis’ mum had insisted they join her for one of the morning services; Louis had agreed to sing a few solo hymns for charity and was rather nervous about it, so some support would do him good.

Harry fiddled in his Sunday suit, shifting awkwardly in his chair while the vicar droned on at the front; boredom oercoming him, he gently poked Niall who was seated next to him and began whispering all sorts about how tedious the situation was. Niall mumbled nervously in response, feeling Louis’ eye fall upon them like a ton of rocks, but when Harry pulled a particularly funny line about the vicar, he couldn’t help snorting with laughter.

The disapproving look that graced Louis’ expression remained until after the service; the boys had a car waiting for them to take them to their next venue but before Liam could set foot inside, Louis caught his arm and stopped him.

‘Can you and Zayn give us a moment?’

Liam glanced at Harry and Niall – he had been irritated by their disrespectful whispering as well – and nodded at Louis, ‘Do what you have to do, Lou. They need it.’

‘I’m not really angry at Niall. Harry’s the one who started it.’

‘Well, they both need to be taught a lesson. So make sure you smack them hard.’

‘I intend to.’

Zayn and Liam went and leant on the hood of the car while Louis confronted the other two about the incident in the church. He glared at them both; Niall’s cheeks flushed pink when he realised his intention but Harry remained cool, staring into the dark depths of Louis’ gaze, refusing to be put off with the idea that a spanking was coming. He wasn’t going to be afraid of Louis Tomlinson today. He refused to be.

‘Niall, get over here.’

Louis went and sat himself in the back of the car and Niall felt both knees knocking; he glanced around, saw that there was nobody else coming out of the church and then timidly went over and laid himself across Louis’ lap, so he was staring at the floor of the car. The driver really needed to do some dusting.

‘You know why you’re getting this Niall?’ Louis began pulling up the cuffs of his shirt.

‘Y-yes sir.’


He began the spanking without any warning to the other boy; Niall gasped as a hand slammed repeatedly against his bottom, bouncing off the fabric of his trousers repeatedly until he was certain a small, pink blotch had appeared on the skin under the material. It was not the harshest Louis had ever spanked; he was saving that for Harry. It was firm but at the same time merciful, as Niall would soon discover later when he saw the state of Harry’s backside.

‘What you did in there was rude,’ Louis said during each spank, making Niall jump slightly, ‘It wasn’t only rude,’ at this he paused and spoke down to Niall’s ear, ‘It was childish.’ He resumed in the spanking, ‘Out of all the people I know, I never expected you to be the one to act like a child, Niall.’