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On our way to Berlin, Desmond got two hits on the grid he'd set up to find the remaining LASAR agents -- Rage, and Imitate.

Finding both individuals came as a surprise, for their own separate reasons. Rage making contact was shocking to us all because of how infrequently he was on any technological grid. As for Imitate, no one had heard from her since the agency's fall. Both were in separate places -- Rage was in India, and Imitate was in Dubai.

Plans needed to be changed.

Once both Rage and Imitate had made contact with us, Catatonic pulled the SUV over.

"Apparently we need a new game plan," he pointed out, twisting around in his seat to face the rest of us.

"No kidding," Gunner remarked from the back. "Though we could let the two of them make their way toward us as we go, I'm guessing that's not what we're going to do."

"Why not?" Desmond asked, his brow furrowed as he looked around at all of us.

"We're a big target right now," Legion supplied. "Eight of us together is like a beacon, drawing in every breathing Kinetic agent -- not to mention the other enemies we've got across the world." He looked between Rebel and I, his bright eyes full of wisdom. "We're going to split up."

"We are," I agreed, looking past him at my partner. "It's just a matter of who's going to go where."

"Eight does not divide evenly by three," Low informed me, her golden-brown eyes strict.

"Your basic math class will be brought to you today by--" Catatonic began to say in a mock-reporters voice before Low socked him in the shoulder. He cut off only in a surprised "Ow!" before rubbing where she'd hit, then flashing her a gleeful (yet silent) smile.

"Yes, thank you both," Sergeant said with a tinge of sarcasm. "We all know how math works."

Rebel leaned forward then as well, looking past Legion at me. "The split up should be easy," he said, loud enough to be heard by everyone, though his words were directed largely at me. "We'll take Berlin -- the area between here and the city is probably crawling with Kinetic agents, and it'll be easier for the two of us to slip by them without complications."

I nodded in agreement. "The only problem is who Desmond will go with," I mused, casting the redhead a short and analytical look.

"Should I . . . take offense at that?" Desmond asked curiously, looking over at Gunner.

"No," everyone in the SUV chorused at once. Gunner gave him a reassuring smile. "She's thinking out loud. Best not to take anything she says personally."

"Realistically, you should never take anything she says personally," Legion piped in with a grin. When I gave him a long, hard look in utter silence, he eventually shifted in his seat and cleared his throat loudly. "Well go on, Risky."

I turned my attention away from him, and toward Cat and Low. "You two should take India. And Gunner," I said, turning back toward him, "you'll go with them. All of your skills paired with Rage's should help you go anywhere necessary."

"I'm down for that," Catatonic said with a quirk of a smile. "'Sides, Low'll at least help us somewhat blend in, right?"

Low rolled her eyes at his teasing, but she didn't bother arguing, and instead snapped her gum.

"That means Desmond, you're going with Team Bravo," Rebel said, clapping Legion's shoulder. "He should be fine in Dubai. Just make sure he doesn't drool when he sees Imitate, and I'm sure he'll survive," he said with a smirk.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Sergeant said, his dark green eyes moving toward his partner for a moment, before he looked between Rebel and I. "Just a matter of the six of us getting to an airport. Probably be best to head back to Munich."

"Which you'll be doing without us," Rebel agreed, already pushing his door open.

"But-but where are we all going to meet?" Desmond protested, his confusion evident in everything from his tone, to the bewildered look upon his face.

I had opened my door as well, and I paused then, one leg out the door, glancing back at the redhead. His blue eyes were wide when we made eye contact. "You saw the map just as well as the rest of us, Freckles. That is, right before everything went up in flames," I said with a sly smirk. "We'll be meeting in London, where the bulk of the strings did. After all, remember what dear ole' Gray said -- it looks like the Prime Minister's life may be at stake," I said with a wink.

"Did she just suggest we're going to save a world leader?" I heard Catatonic ask right before I slammed the car door shut.

"Afraid so," Rebel agreed. "We'll meet at Big Ben in two days." Then he slammed his door shut as well, and thumped the side of the door twice.

That was all it took for Catatonic to restart the SUV's engine, and begin to rumble down the road once more, this time pulling a U-turn before taking off. Rebel and I fell into step on the side of the road, walking in the direction the SUV had originally been headed. After all, we were still Berlin bound . . . but now we'd be making a few stops along the way.

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