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Btw, I love this Donghyuk imagine even tho it's kinda short 😂



"Today is the bazaar! That means, this is your time to invite Donghyuk in the marriage booth!" I spanked him on the head because of the joke he said.

I regret saying to this guy that I like Donghyuk. Because of him, the whole campus knew that I like Kim Donghyuk. Even Donghyuk knows. Ugh.

"I won't invite him! I'm not a guy to make the first move. I won't attend the bazaar. I'll go home now." He held my wrist and gave me a what-the-fck look.

"So you'll just waste your opportunity? What if Donghyuk likes you too? This is your chance to know. You may not be the guy, but atleast you tried right?" He smiled. This guy, Donghyuk's cousin, really pushes me to Donghyuk. I don't know why did he became my guy bestfriend.

"Alright. But after we do that thing, I'll go home." His face lightened and forcefully pulled me going somewhere. He's more excited more than me.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" We struggle going to the marriage booth because it's too crowded. Why? Cause Kim Donghyuk is here.

"Go _______." He whispered. I looked at Donghyuk and he's so amazed by the ring.

"So you're my bride?" When he looked at me, my legs started to shake. I'm dead.

"Y-Yeah. I think. . . you don't really want to do this. I-I'll just go." I turned around, about to walk out when he grabbed my hand. Exactly, my hand.

"Who said that I don't want to do this? I won't let my bride walk away. Here." Donghyuk handed me the other ring.

The students screamed like it is already starting lol. Why are they like this to me?

"_______, accept this ring as a sign of my Love and Loyalty. For better and for worse, 'til death do us apart." He vowed like we're really in a wedding. Should I tell that too? Whatever.

"Kim Donghyuk, accept this ring as a sign of my Love and Loyalty." He raised an eyebrow at me. I was curious what was that about.

"'Til death do us apart?" Oh shit. I forgot.

"Yea, 'til death do us apart." We both chuckled. His laugh is so sexy why. Again, the whole campus screamed.

I'm enjoying this moment because I'm in the marriage booth with the guy I like. But I can't still forget the fact that this is just nothing, or should I say fake. Sigh.

"And I shall now. . ." He slowly moved his face close to mine. He spoke again with his sexy voice,

"Kiss. . . the bride." My eyes widened as he slowly kissed my cheeks.

My ears would explode any moment because of the screams. I left speechless. I looked at Kim Donghyuk with a why-did-you-do-that face. He just formed a little smile and walked near me.

"When is the honeymoon?" I spanked him on the chest and looked away. After that, I fuckin' smiled. Ya'll are invited to my grave.


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