I hug him tightly and rub his back as he cries and chokes into my neck.

"Vic, it's alright." I whisper soothingly. "Calm down, baby."

It's a while of me shushing him and soothing him until he finally stops crying. When I pull away, he a staring at Mike with regret and sorrow.

"You don't have to continue." I tell him but he shakes his head.

"I need to." He whispers and I nod in understanding.

He squeezes my hand tightly and I squeeze back. He takes a breath and turns back to me before he continues.

"I found him the next morning. He had swallowed a lot of medication, which led him here; in a coma that no one knows if he's going to wake up from. I naturally told my parents that it was my fault that Mike had tried to kill himself. Then I explained why and my dad was furious. Mike was their baby; their pride and joy. And it was my fault thy he did this. My mom stopped talking to me and my dad started beating me. It was okay though because I know I deserved every second of it."

I know I shouldn't but I cut him off.

"Did Mike deserve to get hurt?" I ask and he shakes his head. "Do I deserve to get hurt?"

He shakes his head again and looks at me confused.

"You don't deserve to get hurt Vic; no one does. No matter what our mistakes are and what the cause and affect of them are. No one deserves to get treated like they're nothing." I explain and he gives me a small grateful nod.

"Anyway, after all that stuff happened, I didn't want anyone to get hurt because of me anymore so I told Jeremy, Oli and Josh that they needed to stop it. They didn't like that and we fought like children until Josh crossed a line when he said that Mike should've died because that's what he deserves. As soon as he said that, I couldn't stop myself. I beat the shit out of him an even though he said those things, like you said, no one deserves to get hurt. I still horrible for doing it. Josh moved state, Jeremy and Oli moved school and I got expelled. I was homeschooled for a bit until I came to Clairemont." Vic explains. "I didn't man for Mike to get hurt in any of this. I was so stupid and naïve. I didn't think of what affect my decisions would have on him."

I cup his face and gently kiss his lips.

"Thank you for explaining everything to me." I whisper. "I don't think any less of you for what you've done in the past. It was very brave of you for opening up to me like that."

"I feel so much better doing so. Thank you or listening and not judging." He whispers back and I smile hugging him tightly.

We just hold each other silently. Vic's heartbeat has slowed and settled now. He seems calm which relieves me. I hate seeing him so upset, it breaks my heart.

"You know," Vic begins quietly as he pulls away from the hug. "this is the whole reason why j hate that you hurt yourself and why I constantly make sure you eat. I've already lost one person I love; I don't want to lose another."

My eyes go wide as his words run through my head.

"Y-you love me?" I squeak out.

He smiles gently at me and nods before kissing the tip of my nose.

"More than anything. I love you so much Kell." He murmurs and I connect my lips to his in a subtle sweet kiss.

When we pull away, I gently cup his face again and run my thumb under his eye.

"I love you too." I whisper an his eyes well with tears again before he starts crying.

I hold him close to me as he cries into my neck. I shush him gently as he tightens his grip around me.

"You okay?" I ask him as he starts settling down a bit.

He pulls away and smiles softly, his glassy eyes twinkling a little as he does so.

"Yeah, just tonight has been so hectic, yet everything has fallen into place. Hearing you say that you love me back is more than I could ever ask for." He explains with that beautiful smile that I've been waiting all night to see.

"Things are going to be a lot better for you now, Vic." I promise and he kisses my head.

I think you're right." He murmurs before kissing my cheek. "I'm tired. Do you want to go to bed?"

"Definitely." I sigh relieved.

He smiles and gently pushes me off if him before he stands up himself. He goes over to his brother and leans down before kissing his forehead.

"Get well soon Mimey." He whispers before walking back over to me and taking my hand.

We leave the room and go back to Vic's. He closes the door behind us and leads me over to the huge bed. He pulls the covers back and gets in before I do the same. He then pulls the duvet over us and wraps his arms around me whilst hooking his leg around mine.

"I like sleeping next to you. It makes me feel less alone." He murmurs and I kiss his nose.

He lets out a tired yawn and I smile at his cuteness before kissing along his jaw.

"I love you Vic. Goodnight." I murmur.

"I love you too Darling." He whispers before placing a small kiss on my forehead then closing his eyes.

I wait until I hear the comforting sound of my boyfriend's breathing even out, indicating that he's fallen asleep before I close my eyes too and falls asleep almost instantly.


I hope you all enjoyed that and don't forget how beautiful you are, inside and out.

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