chapter 1

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Barbie P.O.V

"Can you believe my mom wants me to be a model!?!?" I asked my best friend Alicia- who was sitting on my bed, while I was sitting in my computer chair- "she just wants you to be succeful like her" she said while I rolled my eyes "yeah I know, but if she wants me to be happy she would let me be a back up dancer for Mindless Behavior" I said staring at my pink nails. "Did there manager Keisha Gamble call you!?!?" Alicia screamed/asked me "Yeah, but she didn't only want me" "what do you mean?" Alicia asked "umm. You see I didn't send the video with just me. I send the one the one with Aaliyah, Shakira, you and me dancing to GIRLS TALKIN' 'BOUT" I said. Then someone knocked on my door. "Come in" I yelled. In walked my mom- I have a feeling that she was just listing to our convo-"Hey girls. Keisha Gamble and Walter Millsap is downstairs along with Aaliyah, Shakira and their parents" we follow my mom downstairs and we seen Mindless Behavior and there manager sitting down talking. "Hey Mrs. Gamble, I'm Barbie and this is Alicia, I see you already meet Shakira and Aaliyah." I said smiling. Keisha looked up smiling and said "hi, it's nice to meet you. Yes I meet them and please call me Keisha" "ok" "oh I almost forgot this is Walter, that's Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray-Ray, and Princeton" she said smiling at me, I smiled back. "Hello" Roc said smiling at me, I smiled back "Hi y'all" Ray said "hola Chica" Princeton said smiling over at Alicia, she blushed and smiled back. " So I talked to your mom, Barbie and she said that you can be a back round dancer for Mindless Behavior, Alicia two, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY GIRLS" Keisha said. I turned over to look at my mom and ran to hug her. "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!" I yelled back and she laughed hugging me back. Then I turned to look at my girls and we screamed at the top of our lungs. Making everyone laugh. "Girls get ready where leaving two marrow morning." Keisha said then leafed with Walter and MB following close behind. "Well looks like we have to go to sleep early because we're already packed" I said looking at my girls. "Yeah, let's go. Good night mommy" every one said. "Good night girls." Shakira and Aaliyah's mom and Alicia and I's mom said. Did I forget to tell you that Shakira and Aaliyah's twins and that my mom adopted Alicia. Anyways we went up to my room and went to sleep.

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