Believe It or Not

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Do you believe in monsters?

No? Well neither did I until one terrifying night back in the fall of 1987. This is the true account of what happened that night.

I don't care if you believe me or not. But I was there and although young I know what happened and I know what I saw.

Years ago I grew up on a 200 + acre farm in the heart of North Carolina. We grew our own vegetables and fruits, we also raised and killed our own pigs, chickens and beef cattle. My Dad was also an avid hunter and fisherman... never missing a season.

My family is made up of many hunters and fishermen so I was taught to shoot, hunt and fish at a very early age.

I'm especially comfortable in the woods and around weapons.

Ok that's an understatement.

Not to brag but I have always been able to out shoot most people and my hunting skills are way above average.

I can break down my guns and clean them, then put them back together. I can also sight them in.

I can track, hunt, kill, gut, skin out and butcher a deer, hog, cow or anything else.

I know all the types of animals we have around these parts and around the world in general for that matter.

I want you to know this so you realize that what happened to me was not a case of mistaken identity and no I am not crazy. I am of sound body and mind then and now.

I'm also one half Native American (Cherokee) and was raised hearing stories from elders about other things most people don't believe are real in this world. Yes, some of them being Sasquatch and wolfmen.

It was September or October of 1987 and I was 14 years old. I acted very mature for my age mainly because I was an only child with a very sick Mother, at the time, who died unfortunately a year after this incident took place.

Because Mom was so sick and hospitalized a lot had left me with the responsibility of cooking, cleaning and taking care of most household duties.

I also looked mature or older as some folks say. People would often mistaken me for 17 or 18. Looking and acting as I did caused older guys to like me so my boyfriend, Jason, was 16 and able to drive. Although I wasn't allowed to, as my Momma called it, car date with him.

So on this particular night I snuck out of the house to meet him along with two other friends. Jill and her boyfriend, Josh, around midnight. I've changed everyone's real names to tell my story as I'm not in contact with these people anymore.

I remember that the moon was pretty full this night because of how it illuminated Jill's boyfriends dirt road when Jason parked his 69 Camaro on it.

Jason's car was really loud so he had to park it at the beginning of the dirt road so we wouldn't wake Josh's parents. He then walked about a mile down the dirt road to reach Josh's house to let him know we were there. We had already picked up Jill so he left Jill and I in the car while he walked the mile to the house.

Jason wasn't gone very long... maybe ten minutes and Jill was relaying to me all of the current school gossip as we listened to the radio, when I started to smell this gawd awful stench.

I'll NEVER forget that horrendous smell.

It smelled of rotten meat once maggots have set in, a musky pungent scent that reminded me of the odor that a boar hog has when a sows in heat , wet dog and blood.

Yes, you could literally smell the metallic iron like smell of blood. I knew it well from slaughtering our own animals and hunting.

Jill was still jabbering away, as she was always quite the talker, when I interrupted her asking if she smelled that?

At first she said "Smell what?"

And I was like "Jill, you don't smell that awful smell?" Looking at her incredulously.

She preceded to take a good whiff, then said, "Eww!! Yes what is that?" as she pinched her nose shut.

I said, "I don't know but I don't remember smelling it when we first pulled up here."

It was so bad we had to pull the fronts of our shirts up to cover our nose and mouth, even doing that you still wanted to gag.

Jill shrugged and was like "I guess the scent just didn't reach us right off the bat." I didn't know how we could have missed such a nasty smell but I shook my head in disgust and figured she must be right.

Jill went about talking and not even five minutes later there was a subtle nudge of the car. Like someone gently rocked the rear end.

Jill shut up immediately when this happened. Her eyes grew wide as she asked in an anxiously quiet voice, "What was that?"

My heart had started beating fast and just as quietly I timidly replied "I don't know."

It took a minute of thought but then it dawned on me... Smiling I whispered "I bet it's the guys trying to scare us."

It had now been long enough that if the guys had ran they could've been back. And they were always pulling pranks trying to scare us.

We looked out the cars windows but couldn't see much because the windows had fogged up from us sitting in there talking for so long and I wasn't about to wipe the fog away with my bare hand because my boyfriend would have a fit over the finger prints.

This car was his baby!

Jill said "Ignore it," so we did and she went back to talking.

And again there was a slight rock of the car. We both smiled at one another knowingly and Jill kept on talking.

But then the car was shook really forcefully. This time we laughed out loud.

I yelled out to the guys that it wasn't gonna work.

Another forceful shake of the car..

Again I hollar that they might as well stop cause it wasn't working. Jill chimed in with a "Nope not gonna work!" too.

Still no answer from the guys.

I yelled their names... No reply.

Jill and I were still smiling when the car was shook again but this time from the front and this time it was down right violent... Enough so that we started to lose our smiles.

We strained to see out the windshield but couldn't see a darn thing.

I yelled for them to cut it out and come on but still no answer.

By now my smile was completely gone and so was Jill's. We were starting to get alittle more than scared.

Again a violent shake and I screamed, "Stop it your scaring us!!!"


I cut the radio all the way down and we listen... No sounds at all. The crickets weren't even chirping... It was eerily quiet. Too quiet.

Almost whispering I ask, "Guys?"

Then I heard it. A low, ominous, deep guttural growl...

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