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1. Time For A Change

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I need a holiday.

The same thoughts kept playing over and over. I need to get away, I need a break, I need to stop thinking about my life and how much it sucks.

Somehow my marriage had ended in disaster and masked the fact that I was approaching 40, that is until he told me he was seeing a 27 year old. Then I realised exactly how old I was, exactly how pathetic I was, exactly how alone I was.

I didn't place all the blame on him, that would be unfair. No, not all the blame, just most of it.

We had been married for 15 years, together for 18. It seemed incredible when I thought about it now, but we married early and for the majority of our marriage we were happy. The only thing missing was kids. We'd always wanted them but Liam wanted to wait until we were financially secure.  Then when we were, he froze all our assets and told me he was leaving.

Always the nice guy, he held me through my tears, telling me how much it killed him to see me cry and then left.  I couldn't make sense of anything for weeks then found myself getting through each day, one by one.  Now, 9 months later, I wanted a break.  A holiday, where I could get away and not think about him and his girlfriend and their imminent step into parenthood.

A friend from work had suggested I look in the house sitting ads, saying her and her husband always got their accommodation that way.  "It's much cheaper that way and it's much better than living out of a hotel."  She said.  "Sometimes, you even have a car to use."

So, here I am scanning the house sitting ads, hoping something will catch my eye.  And it did.

Wanted Perth WA
House sitter for 4 weeks 4 to 31 March.
Must be clean, compulsively so lol
Car available for use for suitable applicant/s
Please contact me for more information: j@gmail.com

I bookmarked the page and continued reading, my eyebrows furrowing a short time later.

Wanted Perth WA
Travelling companion of the female variety, 4 to 31 March
Must be 'adventurous' in exchange for an all expenses paid holiday
Specific criteria applies
Please contact me for more information: j@gmail.com

Bloody hell!  I should scratch the bookmark I set for house sitting, I wasn't particularly into self centred asseholes.  And what the fuck was that ad about?  Seriously, some people have no shame!

3 glasses of wine later and my fingers were hovering over the keyboard.

Saw your house sitting ad and was gonna express my interest, but then I saw your travelling companion ad, bad, bad, bad. Tsk, tsk, tsk

My blurry eyes and fuzzy mind read over the message before I decided it was a good idea to send it. Assehole!

Slipping Bridget Jones into the DVD player, I lost myself and was surprised when I received a response. Squinting my eyes to focus enough to read it, I scoffed.

So, you're more interested in travelling now?  We can be bad together....

What?  What?  No, that wasn't what I meant, stupid man!  Again I tried to focus as my fingers hit the keys.  After much deliberation and backspacing, I finally had my reply.


Feeling ridiculously proud, I poured myself another glass of wine and watched Bridget slide down the fireman pole.  Go girl!

You need to be more specific.  Nope to house sitting, nope to travelling or nope to being bad? 

Nope to all

I sipped my drink as I pressed send.  Huh, take that.

You do realise I never asked you to do anything....right? You did approach me...

Shit, he's right!

Yep, got that.  But, hypothetically speaking, if maybe I was interested....not that I am, it's very hypothetical

How can you not love Darcy?

Were you going to finish that question?

Fuck!  Seriously, I didn't finish?  The thought made me laugh out loud, another glass of wine suddenly seemed appropriate.

What's your criteria?

So bold!  I laughed as I watched Bridget doing an outstanding job of 'being me'.  A joke, a fool, a loser.  That's what they thought, but they had no idea. She was smart, she was fun and she was lonely. Pouring another glass of wine, I compared my life to hers.

See attached ;-)

Seriously, a winky face? I deliberated over opening it, but the wine caught up with me and I closed my eyes instead.

I was too scared to open my eyes, scared of the pain I knew the bright light would cause them.  The need for water eventually won out and I opened them slowly, waiting for the headache to hit me like a freight train.

Nothing.  I felt nothing.  No headache, no sickness, nothing.  Smiling at my lucky escape I scraped myself off the couch and made my way into the kitchen and drank the cool water straight from the tap.

Thoughts from the night before flashed through my mind and I groaned when I thought of the emails that had flown back and forth between myself and a complete stranger.  That in itself was a good enough reason to give up the wine.

Then I remembered the email that I hadn't read, the one with the attachment.  Curiosity got the better of me and I sat back on the couch and pulled my laptop onto the coffee table.  I sat looking at it, before finally allowing myself to click it open.


•  Hot body
•  Attractive
•  Fun, carefree attitude
•  Sexually liberated and experimental

Blah, blah, blah.  It pretty much read what I expected.  What a jerk, I thought as I shut it down and went to shower.

No matter how hard I tried not to, I couldn't stop myself from thinking about j@gmail.com.  I wondered what he looked like, assuming he must be some kind of God to post an ad like that.  I tried to picture him, tall, dark and well built...extremely well built...is what my mind envisioned. 

I could tell from our few emails that he would enjoy a bit of banter, so placed his personality in the 'playful' corner.  And he must have money to offer a free holiday.  Or maybe there was another reason, maybe he already has the tickets and....  I had to stop myself there before I drive myself crazy trying to solve a puzzle I knew nothing about

Bringing my attention back to the present, I admired the deep green dress that I was currently trying on.  It was quite simple and could easily pass for casual or could be dressed up with heels and accessories.  The word 'versatile' sprung to mind and deciding I'd take it, I placed it with the other items I was buying.

It wasn't often that I treated myself and I'm not sure what prompted my last minute shopping trip, but I was enjoying myself as I decided to have some lunch while I was out.  Flicking through my phone, I gasped as I heard the familiar voice.  His deep, rasping tone was unmistakable and undeniably sexy.  Even now I felt the affect.  As they headed to the counter and had their backs to me, I quickly made my exit. Seeing my ex husband and his partner was not on my to do list.

Surprising myself, I decided to keep shopping and eventually found myself looking through racks of lingerie, wondering if I should choose black or red. Deciding that was too predictable I went home with a multitude of colours and styles. I made one last stop before calling it quits and heading home.

My purchases were laid out on the bed and I was smiling when I realised I'd chosen clothes different to what I normally wore, I almost felt like I was evolving and it felt great.

Placing the lingerie in my drawers, I was surprised to find myself wondering if j@gmail.com would approve. Something about him had me thinking of him at random moments and as I unwrapped my last purchase and brought it to life, I imagined it was j@gmail.com's thick cock buried deep inside me, the resulting orgasm tearing through me and leaving me a quivering mess.

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