sixty four

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| 2 Weeks Later |


Juliet, Dakota, Liz, Macy and Lola crowd around me, fixing my dress and putting some finishing touches on my makeup. It's the big day. My heart is filled with joy and i just cant wait until Harry sees my dress. I'm just so excited.

I never would've thought Harry would agree to have the wedding at The Dollhouse, but he did.

After Harry proposed everything cleared up. It turns out Lauryn was actually planning this whole thing, she made my dress and the ring. I've met her and she's here today.

Elsie is out of our lives. Harry and I forbid her from coming to the wedding. She didn't seem to care.

So, I told Harry that my heart wanted to have the wedding out in the rose garden at The Dollhouse. At first, he was shocked, but I explained to him how I deeply wanted the girls to be there, and even Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. He eventually agreed, and I was so, so happy.

So, here I am back in the old dolls bedroom. Everything is set up beautiful outside, thanks to Lauryn, and everything is going well. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Everything is just wonderful - and it's all for me.

"Holly, you look beautiful." Juliet says to me, hugging me tightly. She sounds like she's going to cry. I hope she doesn't, that'll trigger me to.

"Oh, God. I'm going to cry." Liz says, covering her face with her hands. Soon after Macy starts to cry, then Dakota, then Juliet, then even Lola.

"Lola? Are you crying?" I ask, smiling at my teary eyed friend.

Lola sniffs, "No. It's your bouquet." Lola laughs. Everyone knows she's joking.

I try to hold back my tears. It did take Liz almost twenty minutes to perfect this eyeliner.

The girls and I share a group hug. It's like there's an energy in the room. It's possibly the most beautiful feeling ever. Knowing this girls, my sisters, are here with me on the best day of my life.

"Sis, we gotta get you to the rose garden!" Dakota says, smiling big. She looks so beautiful. She's wearing a pretty pink dress and her hair is in a ballerina bun. She seems more excited than me!

"Already?" I say, my nerves kicking in.

"Yes! Come on!" Juliet says.

Suddenly, a gush of anxiety washes over me. I feel sick. In actually getting married.

"Girls, I'll be down in a second. Can I have some time alone?" I ask, sitting down on my old bed.

"Oh, sure. Everything okay?" Macy asks me, putting a bow in her hair.


The girls leave and I'm left alone to comprehend everything.

I've dreamed of this day ever since I was a little girl and it's here. This is crazy.

In the middle of my thoughts, I'm struck by sudden fear as I hear the bathroom window open and shut quickly. What the hell?

I walk to the bathroom, dreading what awaits. My veins are pumping and my heart is racing - something is terrible wrong. I know it.

I walk into the bathroom and go to the window. Nothing... Everything looks okay. Nothing is stolen, nothing is broken. Everything is okay.

As I make my way out I notice a knife on the counter and a sticky note left on the mirror. Oh... My... God...

"Me and Harry were the ones who killed all your friends.

Congratulations on your marriage.

- Elsie'

I can't believe what is in front of me, I stop, I'm shocked, I can't breathe. I want to die. I can't believe this.

I'm marrying the person who murdered my best fucking friends.

I can't take this anymore.

I grab the knife and stab myself in the stomach. I fall to the ground, unconscious and then in a matter of seconds,



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