Chapter 8

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I head up into striking position and I get the ball. I dribble the ball until I get to the goal box I shoot and score. The winning goal. We congratulate the other team on their score and thank them for playing. We are about to head out and I notice that Patrick is still standing there clapping. Before we leave, I go over to Patrick and say "thanks for coming, Patrick".  When we get back to school the bell rings. We head out of the school, I go to get my bike from the bike rack. I head out of the school and Patrick was waiting for me. We walk out of school together. When we get to my house he asks if I want to go shopping with him. I say I will have to ask my mum. I head inside put my bike away and ask my mum. My mum says yes. I go outside and invite Patrick in. "Patrick, Would you like a drink?" I ask. "No thanks, Laura". "My mum says I'm allowed to go, I'll just go get changed". "OK, I'll wait out here". He reply's. I go into my bedroom get changed and we head of for Water gardens.

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