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Author's note:

   Hi everyone. I am new and this is my first attempt at using Wattpad. I have a lot of great idea's and I have a book I started and I want to finish here but here's the thing... I am a total slow poke. I have OCD and I tend to be a perfectionist. So please be patient with me. I promise to get better over time cause I am sure I am going to make many mistakes here in the beginning so please be kind. I dislike hater's but I would love constructive criticism and feedback from my reader's, and encouraging words are always welcome. I'm human and I am so NOT perfect. I'll do my best to update often and I'll try to answer comments as much as possible. Again just bare with me... I think that once I introduce you to my main character from my biggest book project... you'll love her. Lyrica is so worth the wait! Thank you all for reading and I hope you will continue to read.



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