Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

She was back at her house feeling surreal as she sat down on her couch. She had spent so much of the weekend wishing for quiet and space away from others. Now that she had it, all she knew was she missed Chase's presence. Her phone rang and she frowned at it considering it may be him. Excitement buzzed in her veins as she quickly answered it.

"Where are you?" Andy's voice surprised her making her head snap away from the phone.

"I only just got home." Brianna answered which her friend sighed at.

"Get yourself over here. We have wedding details to work out." Andy said as though it should be obvious to her.

"Really Andy? I'm so tired can't it wait until tomorrow?" Brianna said on a groan.

"No it can't." Andy huffed.

"Alright I'm coming. Give me a half hour okay." Brianna said on a sigh.

"If you're not here I'm going to drag you over." Andy threatened.

"I'll be there." Brianna hung up the phone and let out a groan.

Going to see Andy would be a questioning nightmare, she just knew it. Her friend would want to know everything that had happened on their weekend away. There wasn't a lot of information Brianna wanted to divulge either.

Andy's house glowed with every light seemingly on in the split level brick building. Music blared from the open windows and Brianna could only wonder at the party atmosphere. She thought they would be doing wedding stuff. With a sigh she pressed the doorbell and waited. A scantily clad Macy answered with a grin and Brianna was surprised to see her.

"Let's go girl, you've got a dress to try on." Macy told her as she tugged on Brianna's arm.

"Huh what?"

"We are trying on our dresses for the wedding." Macy insisted as she walked up the stairs towards the bedrooms.

Brianna heard male voices coming from down in the basement that was considered Leonard's 'man cave'. Should they really be trying on gowns with the guys all here? A bewildered Brianna walked into the master bedroom and felt her jaw drop open.

Gossamer pale pink gowns framed the windows they hung in. Andy's stunning bridal dress was being fastened on her by Lindsay and she knew her friend had never looked more beautiful. The scooped neckline of the silk gown showed off Andy's glowing skin while it trailed over her body looking feminine and gorgeous. Andy tugged at the long sleeves of her gown before realising Brianna was there.

"You look wonderful Andy." Brianna said with a warm smile as her friend embraced her.

"Hey Bree! Well let's get you all pretty too." Andy said as she pointed to a pile of lingerie on the bed.

It looked suspiciously similar to what Andy had packed in her suitcase. Brianna sent her a look but Andy just smiled and put on an innocent face. Lindsay stood in the corner letting out a loud obvious sigh. Nothing could hold back Andy or Macy's eagerness though. They handed her a pile of pink silky undergarments and gestured to the bathroom.

The corset was tight and the tiny thong was a bit scandalous for Brianna's taste but it was Andy's wedding so she pulled it all on without complaint. The garter belt and silk stockings seemed rather luxurious as she examined herself in the bathroom mirror. She didn't look too bad though she admitted to herself.

"We'll I guess I'm ready for the dress then." Brianna said as she emerged from the bathroom.

"Alright you look great girl. Come over here." Macy gestured to where Brianna's dress hung.

"Hey girls Leo wanted me to tell you - damn." Chase's voice thundered into the room as he stepped through the door.

His eyes went straight to Brianna and stayed there. She felt like she was glued to the spot as his brown eyes travelled the length of her body. The room went tense as Chase walked over to her.

"Sorry for cussing buttercup but you" He told her his gaze seeming completely stunned by her. "C'mon let me help you get this dress on while I can still think straight."

Brianna hadn't realised she had hold of the soft folds of material until he tugged it from her hands. He got down on his knees so she could step into the dress and she felt warmth deep inside her that he could be so caring towards her.

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