Face to Face Part 29B

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This is part 2 of the previous chapter which I felt was too long. Divided on 13/4/2016

Annie's POV...

"And I didn't notice?' James muttered as he leaned down and began giving me little kisses as he rubbed the palm of his hand over the tiny bump he is just now noticing.

"Damn it, I thought this was going to be about me and my brother. " Bobby whined out from across the room. "But you had to ruin it, didn't you Puss?" He added in a pitiful voice as he stood there beside his twin.

Twins. Bobby had a twin. A brother twin at that.

"Damn it, now I have to put up with two of you." I sooked out to everyone. " As if one of you wasn't bad enough. Now I have to put up two of you." Then I grinned evilly at them there twins which made them both to step back again as I saw them fidget for some reason.

I guess I didn't know how nasty my grin looked.

"OH, ELAINE.. " I screeched after lifting my head back and screaming out her name.

"I'm here." She said quietly in her usual way, unless she was riled.

"What's all this screeching we can all here all over town? You know ladies are not suppose to screech like that, don't you?" She said as she came into the room.

I don't know how many times we've heard Mum say those words.. which we ignored of course.

"What's going on?" She asked as she looked around at Joy and me as I was sitting on James lap.

I just pointed towards Bobby.

When she saw Bobby, she began to smile when she saw him. That was until she saw that there was two of them which halted any movement she had been making towards them. Then she just stood there looking from Jarrod to Bobby. Just staring. Then she smiled which caused me to frown.

"You must be Jarrod." Was all she said which set me off again.

"Not you too. Is there anyone that doesn't know about him?" I screeched in the highest pitched voice that I had.

"Stop screeching dear, pregnant ladies do not screech." Joy said to me very calmly.

"I'll give you what ladies don't do." I yelled as I tried to get off the lap that James is holding me down on his lap with both his arms wrapped around me, refusing to let me go.

"And calm yourself down. Your pregnant, remember." James said to me which caused me to freeze and snap a look and a glare at him, causing him to move his head back away from me a little bit, but still keeping his arms around me.

"I'm only going to thump her a little." I bluntly said to him as I continued to struggle out of his arms. I could also hear John softly laughing from the kitchen as he made himself a coffee and began walking over to the lounge room where we all were.

"Can't thump me either, dearie." Joy said with a smirk. "I'm pregnant too." She muttered which caused John to drop his coffee cup as he tripped over the rug coming into the lounge, falling onto the settee near the lamp. Which he accidently knocked over when he tried to catch his balance and not fall to finally end up in the most oddest position.

"Wait. What?" He said as he looked at both Joy and myself from his position half on the settee and half on the floor with the lamp laying across him.

"Babies." He whispered to Joy with the beginnings of a goofy smile. " We're having babies again in the family?" He said with a stunned look on his face that accompanied the goofy look.

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