Tasting Sweet

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For the next couple of weeks, Mingyu began what he liked to call, OHEA. Operation Happily Ever After. The name was silly, and a little to the childish side, but he felt that it was fitting for what he had in mind. He wasn't going to name his project anything depressing, and it had an abbreviation that was easy to pronounce. As long as that was the case, Mingyu was fine with anything.

OHEA started with simple things.

Surprise visits to Wonwoo's room during the day.

Mingyu would pop in, a shit-eating grin on his face. He would spend just a minute -- or even an hour rambling on about things that everyone else would otherwise brush off. Although Wonwoo would mostly sit listening contentedly, sometimes he would have his own stories to tell. Those moments were so domestic that they should have been something that Mingyu would only keep in a corner of his mind. He found himself doing the opposite. Every hour would be spent waiting for a break where he could sneak off to Wonwoo, and every minute afterward would be spent thinking about what they would talk about the next day. On days when he was denied a visit, Mingyu would just have to wait.

Introducing Wonwoo to other people who were in the same boat as Seokmin.

There were plenty of other ex-patients who now worked in the immediate vicinity, and all of them still frequented the hospital to drop off things or to give their greetings. Mingyu took it upon himself to introduce Wonwoo to some of them. Minghao, the delivery boy. Seungcheol, the single father of two. Chan, the adopted orphan, and Junhui, the injured athlete. While some meetings had been awkward and others overly-exciting, Mingyu could tell that Wonwoo already adored the people he had been introduced to. At times, their hour of conversation would be filled with questions of when they would come again, and it would never take them long to show up.

Teaching Wonwoo new things.

Wonwoo had mentioned in one of their conversations that he had wished he knew more about the world, and Mingyu took it to heart. The very next day he came with books, pencils and journals, ready to teach Wonwoo anything from a new language to mundane facts. While at first Wonwoo denied the lessons, eventually he let into Mingyu's sweeping expressions and explanations, writing -- stupid -- notes, and drawing -- irrelevant -- graphics. Mingyu would tease him about being a good student, and Wonwoo would, in turn, poke fun at Mingyu's teaching. The lessons would only take place on Wednesdays and Tuesdays, the days of the week where Mingyu was more free than usual. By the time they had a couple of classes in, Mingyu noticed that Wonwoo had only taken two lessons seriously. When he was taught what the word love was in latin, and when Wonwoo insistently asked a red-faced Mingyu about what the young female patients meant when they called Mingyu daddy.

Giving Wonwoo the little things.

There were moments where Mingyu thought Wonwoo's hospital room was too bare, and so he would bring in his favourite lamp or a mural he had hanging in his house. The doctors would instruct him to remove them immediately, of course, but he would bring in something new every other day. The only things Wonwoo was allowed to keep was a CD player and Mingyu's favourite album, Boys Be. Although most of the gifts Mingyu would give to Wonwoo would be taken away within a day, Wonwoo would thank him, and spend the whole day with it next to him.

OHEA became known to few, and the couple of people would always be following Mingyu around, asking him why. One of them, being Seokmin, and another, Wonwoo's nurse, Jeonghan.

He blamed it on his tendencies as a psychiatrist, finding a broken person, and wanting to fix them.

It seemed right enough to him, but the two were never satisfied, insisting that there was something else to it.

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