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They cleaned the mess up of course, it took a while, mostly because Dipper kept gagging and needing to stop to settle himself. But they finished before their Gruncles woke up. Mabel suggested that they keep Bills stash of meat for him so that he didn't go crazy again. He reluctantly agreed, not liking the idea of being different. What if Dipper got rid of him now? He didn't want to be alone, not in the woods, not anywhere! He liked Dipper, he didn't want to leave. Sure it had only been a day but he didn't know anyone else. He didn't know anything!

He began to panic, fear rising in his chest he stepped back and started hyperventilating. Dipper turned his attention to the dream demon and tilted his head in curiosity, "Bill? Are you okay?" Bill shook his head and stepped back again before for turning and stumbling out of the room, down the stairs past Stan and out of the house into the woods. Dipper and Mabel followed after him as fast as they could, after exchanging a glance.

Bill stumbled through the foliage and trees for over 30 minutes until he reached the edge of town. He wasn't really paying attention though, he just wanted to run, get away from any possible change of Dipper rejecting him. Hating him. He didn't know why but he felt a very close connection with him and him alone. It scared him. Dipper and Mabel weren't far behind him, jogging as best they could but he never left their sight.

Suddenly the atmosphere around Bill seemed to ripple and he was thrown back harshly, a trail of blood splattered the ground where he had passed, he was flung into a tree several metres behind him. The twins gasped and rushed to his aid.  Bill tried to stand but doubled over in pain before collapsing to his knees and groaning. Mabel knelt to help him, Dipper stood a few feet away and as Bill looked up to him, pain filled his eyes. Dipper was looking at him, his eyes a mix of pity, worry, pain and fear. Bill cringed at the thought. Bill vaguely heard Mabel ask if he was okay but it was drowned out as if he were surrounded by water as he drowned in the abyss of his fears, he moved forwards, to Dipper, who stepped back. Bill stopped, his eyes wide as he recoiled his hand to his chest. His lips moved but no sound came out. Mabel looked from one to the other and as her eyes met each she realized what each of them was feeling and why.

Bill held a look that was equally terror and sorrow. Fear reached from his eyes deep into his soul and grasped his as he looked desperately up at Dipper, having understood what he'd done earlier and just how truly afraid Dipper was of him. Dipper was afraid of him. Mabel saw the realization hit Bill like a brick wall, his eyes showing a clear transition. Bill didn't want Dipper to be afraid of him, Mabel could tell, he didn't want to be rejected. He wanted Dipper to reach out and touch him for once. Something that had not happened since Dipper had punched him. Actually now that he thought about it Dipper hadn't come to his aid at all. He always looked on, concerned but he never came within Bill's reach.

Dipper was worried, but afraid. His eyes held an uncertainty that had grown very familiar to Mabel, he wanted to reach out to Bill, to help him, but he couldn't. He was afraid. He couldn't look past what Bill had done to him- to Gravity Falls- to his family! He knew what Bill was capable of and he didn't trust him.

Trust. That was a word Dipper always had trouble with. After their 13th birthday he couldn't even say the word, unless it was in his classic, 'trust no one' response when he was asked about it. But even then it was said with a mixture of distain and hurt. Dipper looked at Bill, fidgeting and biting his lip.

"A-are you okay," He asked and Bill scoffed, suddenly angry.

"As if you even care." He spat and struggled to his feet. Dipper seemed taken aback. "Of course I-"

"Please," Bill cut in harshly, "don't patronize me. You cant even touch me, cant even look at me. I... I'm not blaming you but... don't act as if you care about me when I can tell you don't. "

Bill clutched at his bleeding shoulder where he'd reacted with the force field, Dipper shook his head, "No, you're wrong! I do care I just-"

"Bill," Mabel cut in, her voice rather short, "remember that you did this to Dipper. He can't touch you because he can't touch anyone." Dipper looked away, ashamed. "It's your fault Dipper is like this."

Those words rang in Bills ears, striking his very being, shock ran through him like an electric current as the realization hit him. "M-my fault?" He repeated quietly, "So he does hate me." Bill said sadly, despite looking up to Dipper with the slightest sliver of hope deep within him, the smallest glimmer that maybe, just maybe he was wrong. But as his eyes met Dippers those hopes shattered and were replaced instead with hurt and a bit of anger.

Dippers eyes held pity and fear sure but his feelings were evident even through that. Hatred. He hated Bill, for destroying his life and his family. Everything. Bill had destroyed Dippers chances of being an adventurer, of finding love. Of being normal. Dipper was alone and he was broken, and the blond in front of him was the cause. How badly he wanted to just snap the guys neck, he wouldn't be able to say.  He'd be arrested if people could read minds. But even with that being said, this wasn't Bill, not really. Sure he looked like him, he was a demon and he had his mannerisms, but he had no memories. He had emotions. Things had to be different now, right?

Dipper was sure that with just a little more time he could grow to like Bill, even just a little. He was tolerable, he didn't hate his presence, or the new version of him. His body was attractive enough, he supposed. And his human personality, while  a nervous and unstable wreck was charming in a weird way. He just hated what he represented. He really did want to help, he couldn't stand seeing someone in pain or in need, even if it was Bill Cipher.

Dipper looked away, "Come on Bill. Let's go home."

Bill, having given up followed him through the woods with the help of Mabel and back to the Mystery shack, dreading his existence the entire way there. What had he done? He'd done something to each person in Gravity Falls including Dipper and his family, but what? Was it more than one thing? He had so many questions. Was what he did really so awful?


Welp, I'm ending it there! Not a lot of people are reading this actually, and I'm a little surprised because, unlike my other stories, I think this one is actually good. But that's just me, y'all be the readers, so yeep. Ok, well remember to comment, cuz I always like to read 'em! Buy Gold, Bye!

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