Margaret Kronfeld Decades of Business Leadership Experience

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Margaret Kronfeld spend over 30 years working for several large companies in Auckland, New Zealand, her hometown since she moved there at age six from the United Kingdom. Kronfeld has worked for companies of all kinds, from construction companies to automobile sellers and financiers to property management firms. Her work has always been appreciated and valued in all sectors and at all the companies she has worked for in her career. Kronfeld has added value to the companies she has been involved with during her career with her excellent work ethic, her eye for improvement and individual talent in the workforce, and her ability to manage projects according to company goals.

comes from a background of project management and administrative duties that prepare her well for the next step in her career, wherever or whatever that may be. Kronfeld has seen her stock increase rapidly throughout her long career as she has gained skills, experience, and notoriety, producing success and quantifiable progress for all of her employers through the years. She started her first stint as a Company Director when she went to work for KH Civil, a siteworks and excavation business. At first the job was overwhelming, but due to the talent already with the company at the time and her experience in a lead administrative role for BNZ, Kronfeld improved project management procedures and worked out new ways to ensure the health and safety of all of the company's many workers in sites throughout Auckland and beyond.

Margaret Kronfeld was slowly introduced to more and more responsibility during her climb up the local corporate ladder in Auckland. Today, she looks for the next way to challenge her abilities in the board room. Kronfeld still likely has a bright future ahead of her in Auckland's private sector because of her decades of experience and her proven skills in large corporations.

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