A Last Battle. Part 27B

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This is the second half of the previous chapter divided 13/4/2016

Jenny's POV..

It was so painful to walk now, but I had to as I began dragging one of my own legs behind me now. I can still hear the sounds of dingo's in the distance. I pray that they don't come any closer. Not now. I just want to get my babies and Geoffrey home. Home where I can see that fire in the distance.

Hearing a yip from over in the bushes, I pulled out the gun and waited to see if anything came closer. When it didn't, I made a loud growl out into the silence and began pushing us forward again. Slowly but steadily. Every now and again, I growled. Like a big scary dog. It was all I could think of to scare those damn dogs away from us.

Looking forward again, I saw the fire still, getting bigger and bigger the closer I got to it as it flickered in the dark ahead of me. Seeing another light bouncing in the fire was I thought a bit odd, but I didn't care. If that was a fire, then there had to be people. So I kept walking, one agonising step at a time.

My mouth was so dry and my cracked lips were sticking together as they had been doing now for some time. Sticking my tongue out slowly and running them over my lips, all I could feel among the cracks was a metallic taste.. the taste of blood. I thought that was yucky taste.

Hearing the yipping in the bushes coming closer, I pulled out the gun and pointed it at where I heard that dog and pulled the trigger unsure of how to actually use a gun. Hearing the loud bang as it went off let me know that I did it right. Hearing that yelp as I hit that dog made me glad I had it.

I was not going to hesitate anymore, you yip close to me and you'll yelp in pain when I shoot you. No dog was going to get close enough to hurt any one of us again, I was thinking as I turned once more towards that fire in the distance.

What I didn't see or hear were the four bodies who had been running in my direction freeze when they heard the gunshot out in the darkness.

Stopping again for a moment and listening to anything that moved, I faced the fire again and started walking, frowning when I heard singing. This time I think I was losing the plot. I must be delirious now, I thought to myself.

Who would be singing 'Old MacDonald's farm' out here, I thought?

Only one person would, I remembered. Only one. Turning my face to the night sky, I let loose.

"Muuum." I screamed as loud as I could as I then lifted the gun and held the gun above me in the air and pulled the trigger three times. Three bangs being heard by the ones who then started running towards me. Three bangs 'to let you know I am here.'

"Muumm." Screaming again. I kept screaming until I couldn't scream anymore. But it wasn't my screams that brought them to us.

Vi's POV..

We were only running for a few minutes before I heard an engine start and began coming from behind me in our direction. I said to drive slowly, following us and keep straight ahead, stopping every few minutes to see or hear movement from around us.

Apart from the occasional dingo yipping in the distance, we heard nothing as we kept up a running pace with the truck lighting the way for us a little into the distance. It was so quiet.That was, until we heard a gunshot going off and the yelping of a wounded dog.

"Turn the engine off. Turn it off now, Daniel." I said to him. Which he did .

Once everything was quiet, we just listened to the silence.

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