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I Love You Dead.

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                                                                     I Love You Dead.

                                                                          Anna’s POV.

               Trey has been acting so strange lately, jumping when I break long silences, which there seem to be more of everyday, flinching when I touch him unexpectedly... and short tempered. I shuddered- no, I won’t think about that. It was only once... if it happens again I’ll do something. I was on my way to his house with ‘I’m sorry’ cupcakes to apologise for our last fight. I use my extra key to unlock his front door and headed to his bedroom. His parents were never home. As I got closer to his door I heard voices. Confused I started to open the door when a shrill giggle pierced the air. And my ear drums. I slowly and carefully this time, opened the door. I saw the School Bitch sitting on his bed cuddled up to him. I was about to cough to announce my presence when he leaned forward and kissed her! I could feel tears prickle my eyes as the kiss got more and more heated. All of a sudden anger flashed through me. I stomped over to them and ripped her off him by her fake blonde extensions.

              “What the hell are you doing!? I yelled at Trey, “I thought you said you don’t go for cheap sluts like her?!” I was crying now too.

             “I-she kissed me first?” It came out sounding more like a question.

            “Oh bullshit! I saw you kiss this fake plastic Barbie first!” I screamed, still sobbing “Why her?! She’s not even pretty when you take off her ten pounds of makeup! I thought you loved me?” I finished in a whisper.

           “Yeah sorry honey, but he only used you to make me jealous. So, ya, you can go now! The Slut said.

               “Fine! You know what Trey?! I really loved you! But it turns out your just a dirty asshole.” I snarled before turning to go. Before I could grab the door handle he grabbed my arm and spun me around, his eyes were livid. I was getting scared. All of a sudden he let go of my arm like it was on fire, throwing it to my side. And slapped me. Hard. I stumbled to the ground as my eyes watered even more from the blow.

           “What the hell?! We never said we’d hurt her!” screamed The Bitch.

             Huh. I didn’t think she cared.

             I didn’t have long to think about it though because Trey came charging back at me. He pulled me off the floor by my hair. My hands flew to the top of my head in pain. He punched me in the stomach, winding me. I whimpered and The Bitch continued her screaming, he finally snapped at her. Throwing me to the floor he stormed over to her, her screams got impossibly louder as he pulled a knife out of nowhere. He slowly dragged the blade down her arm puncturing the main artery in her wrist. He ran his tongue up the wound licking off some of the blood. Then he left her there to bleed to death on the floor. Not before puncturing her throat, so she couldn’t make any more noise. With an evil smile he slowly walked back towards me. He grabbed me and spun me around lifting up the back of my shirt. I felt the cool metal of the blade along with warm sticky blood against the skin of my back. He pressed down. I muffled a scream. I blacked out for what felt like days but was probably only a few minutes. I came too as he slapped me across the face.

             “Look at my present to you.” He demanded with a smirk. He shoved me to the full length mirror on the back of his door. “Look at it!!!” he screamed as i didn’t turn my head. Slowly I turned my head and opened my eyes.

           I can’t believe it. He had carved ‘anna+trey 4eva’ with hearts and arrows surrounding it into my back. I broke down into tears. Why couldn’t he have carved that into a tree like a normal boyfriend?!

          “Don’t you like it?!” he snarled. I slowly shook my head not looking into his eyes. “You stupid bitch! You are so ungrateful! Look at what I gave you and you can’t even be bothered to PRETEND to like it?! We are immortalised onto you back and you don’t even care!”

               He charged at me again taking the knife and made little puncture wounds all over my body, carefully missing and main artery’s and vein’s to make the pain worse. I was screaming and writhing in pain.

              “Just KILL me already!!!” I yelled.

             "What made you think I wanted that?” he whispered in my ear. He was truly psychotic.

         “PLEASE! I want to die!” I sobbed. This was too much, too much pain. I felt like I was in hell. I was so hot and in pain I felt like I was on fire, but at the same time i was shivering with Goosebumps.

        “As you wish my love.” Trey whispered again. Taking the knife and plunging it into my femoral artery. Leaving the knife in my leg he bent over me and whispered sweet nothings into my ear as light faded from my world. “I love you Anna. I always will”

       With my last breath I whispered “I l-love y-you t-t-too.


     A/N should I write another chapter in Treys POV? it would be this in his POV. I can't discide if I should.

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