Chapter 21

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My Master stabbed me on my side, cause I'm pregnant with his kid and I refused to get an abortion. Is that overreacting a bit too much about this whole situation, or is it a completely understandable reaction? Well, of course it's an overreaction. You don't do that to someone, period. Especially not to someone who is pregnant. That's just a big no.

Luckily, the baby wasn't harmed in any way when Vic had stabbed me, and right now, I've gone back with Jono and Ben to their house for a while, just till my Master decides what he wants to do with me. If he actually decides on what he wants to do with me that is.

Honestly, I don't even really know if I even care if Vic wants me back or not. But the problem is, I have no where to go if he decides that he no longer wants me anymore, and I have no clue of what I'll even do if Vic decides to just basically throw me out onto the street. I've got no money or work experience, and I don't even know anyone outside of the sex slave trade.

Jono and Ben have offered for me to stay with them, but I don't really want to stay with them for any longer than I have to. I appreciate their offer, but I don't want to be a burden to them in any way. It's not my house, I don't want to intrude, and I'm not even that close with both Jono and Ben at all. I only know them cause they're I guess you could say, colleagues of my Master.

"I'll help you up to the spare bedroom, Kellin." Ben says, walking over to my side, as the three of us walk inside their house. "You can get some rest in there."

Nodding, I follow him up the stairs and down the small hallway till we get to the spare bedroom and walk inside. The room isn't exactly very big, nothing compared to my room back at Master Fuentes's mansion, but it's big enough, all it really had inside was a bed, and a chest of drawers, nothing else really.

Actually, it's not just the bedroom that's kinda small. Their whole house isn't even that big to be honest, it's basically just a standard two-story house, nothing really fancy about it, not that it even matters of course. The house is beautiful and seems nice and cozy, instead of spacious and, big like Master Fuentes's mansion.

Ben leads me over to the bed where I sit down on it, and just stare down at my lap. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now, and what everything's going to turn out like in the end. I feel the bed dip next to me, and I look up to find that Ben has sat down next to me, and was watching me carefully, and making sure I'm fine and if I'll be okay, or as okay as I can possibly be right now.

Honestly, I'm not sure I'll be okay for a few days, or weeks even. Everything that's happened, I never really thought it would actually happen. Of course I've thought up scenarios of what may happen if I happened to fall pregnant before, but I didn't think that Vic would actually do what he did. I never took him for someone that would stab a pregnant person after finding out that the baby is his, and that they refused to get an abortion.

Though, what did I really expect? Him to be happy about the situation? Of course not! I was fully aware that he wouldn't take me being pregnant with his baby well, he's the leader of one of the most dangerous gangs in San Diego of course, so obviously he wouldn't be jumping for joy at the news that his stupid sex slave is pregnant with his baby. But actually stabbing someone, when they're pregnant? I didn't think he'd actually do that.

Then again, there is that prisoner, Alan Ashby he has locked up in a small shed or something out the back of his property, whom of which I'm assuming that Vic had stabbed, and hurt in any way possible, even killing Alan's unborn child. Or maybe he got someone else to do that stuff for him.

I look up as I'm pulled out of my thoughts by Jono, who walks into the room with some clothes for me to change into other than me wearing what little clothing that I am right now, I can't even thank both Jono and Ben enough for allowing me to stay here with them for as long as I need to. Even when I had told them that it wasn't necessary for me to stay with them at all, they still insisted on me staying with them for as long as I need to.

Jono sets the clothes down next to me to me on the bed, before showing me what exactly he's brought up, and checking to make sure if I'm okay or not, which I'm not really sure if I am okay or not to be completely honest, but I'll get passed this eventually. He also mentions that he and Ben will be downstairs if I need them for anything, before he and Ben leave me to it so I can get some much needed rest.

So far, even though I haven't even been here for even twenty four hours yet, the both of them seem pretty much set on helping me out and looking after me for as long as it's needed, and honestly, they don't even have to do that, but they do anyway, and there's not really any point in me trying to stop them. I just hope that they won't be too overbearing over me, and come up here every five minutes to check on me. I'm only pregnant, and got stabbed, I'm not dying, there's no need to come and check on me every five minutes - if that's what they're planning on doing that is at least.

Standing up slowly, I look through the clothes that Jono had brought in for me, and search for something comfortable enough for me to wear, that won't rub too much against the bandage round my stomach that's covering the stab wound on my side. Once I find a decent pair of sweat pants and a black tank top, I get changed as fast as I can without my side where Vic stabbed me at hurting like a bitch, before getting comfortably under the covers on the bed, and try and get some rest.

The only problem though, I can't seem to fall asleep. My thoughts and worries about what's going on right now seem to be keeping me from sleeping, and it's rather frustrating. All I want to do, is sleep for a couple hours, before I have to get up again and maybe get something to eat. But what's this? My stupid, dumb thoughts are preventing me from sleeping so I can't get the rest that I need without having to think and worry about anything that's going on about this situation, till I'm ready to actually think about what happened.

Finally, after what feels like hours, but probably was only really a couple minutes later, I manage to take my mind off everything that's happened, and I start to feel myself become rather tired, and I eventually fall asleep under the blankets on the bed.

But, my dreams still end up being troubled by everything that's happened lately, and I've literally got no idea of what I'm supposed to even do about any of this that has been going on, and I;m not sure if I will even have any idea of what to do about all this any time soon.


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