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I see a pair of safety goggles. Bruce. I smile. He was my best friend! Like bff! I checked up on him today. He acted wired  when I told him about my new boyfriend. I lied about him. To make Bruce jealous. He got all mad, and told me to get out.

When I started thinking about today, I got sad. I sit down on the floor, and sigh. He sits down too. "I lied about my boyfriend, Bruce." He looks at me, confused. "What?"

"I only lied about him, to make someone jealous. That's you Bruce." I say.
"I-i." He tries to say but I cut him off. "Is that why you were mad? Because you were jealous?" I ask. I look up at him and at the same time, he pins me against the wall. I'm not afraid, because I know he will never hurt me. "I was mad, okay? I love you and I can't get you out of my head. Once you came into the lab, I thought about you every single day, since then."

I looked at him, shocked. He loved me!
"I love you too, Bruce." I say, grabbing his face and kissing him passionately. He kisses back. Thhhheeeennn, Tony opens the door. "Awwww, Beauty and the Beast." I glare at him. "Shut up, you aren't getting any if this." I say, gesturing toward my body. Everyone laughs. Except Tony. I pat Tony's shoulder, "Walk it off." I say.

The rest of the night, Bruce and I cuddled.

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