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I see that I have car keys. Great. Tony. He has been making my depression worse. Yet he doesn't know. I sit down, and sigh.
"Why are you always sad?" He asks, kind of mean. "You wouldn't understand." I say, calmly. "I'm pretty sure I do-" I cut him off, by saying "My depression has been getting worse, because if you!" I yell/whisper. I feel the stinging behind my eyes. Tears. I walk up to the door, and bang on it. "Let. Me. Out!!" I yell. "Not until you Tony start kissing." Clint says. "Let me out of this damn closet!!" I scream. The door opens, and they see the tears streaming down my face. I storm to my room. I freeze the lock on my door, jump on my bed, and cry my eyes out.

10:30 that night.

I don't have any tears left, I cried so much. There was a knock at my door, I  don't answer the door. " Beth, can I come in?" It was Nat. I unfreeze the lock, and open the door. She see my tear stained face. Nat and I have been best friends since we met. "What did he do to you?" She asks. "He's been making my depression worse." I say, and pause. "So I didn't want to be with him." "I'm so sor-" she was cut off by a knock at my door. She goes and opens the door a little and says "She doesn't want to talk to you." Nat says, sternly. "I just want to talk to her." Was that Tony?! Ugh that bitc-. My thoughts were interrupted by someone standing in front if me, wearing nice shoes. I look up and see Tony. I glare at him, and then at Nat. She smiles innocently. "What do you want?" I growl, still glaring. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know I was making you feel depressed! I'm so SORRY!!" He yells. I look at him and start crying, with the rest of my tears. I ran toward him jumping up wrapping my arms around his neck and legs around is waist, and cry into his neck. He wraps his arms  around my waist. "Its ok." I whisper. I pull away and look at him. We lean in and kiss. His lips are really soft. We pull apart and we go to my bed. He takes off is shoes and jacket. I take off my dress and put on camo joggers and a black T-shirt. We both lay down.

Nat's P.O.V.

I go back to Beth's room, to see if she killed Tony yet. When I open the door I see that they were cuddling in her bed. I smile, and close the door. My work here us done.

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