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I see an arrow and think if Clint. 'Oh great' I think sarcastically ,and roll my eyes. That cocky son of a bitch is going to be in a closet with me, for seven minutes!?
I walk in angrily, and sit down. I look away from him for about a minute and a half, until he says something. "Why do you hate me?" "I don't hate you. I dislike you." I say calmly. "Yeah, ok." He nods sarcastically. 'Bitch!' I think. I read his mind ,which I found out a few days ago.
'Damn, I need help! Why is she so hot?! Why is she looking at me like that? Does she have a new power? Shit! She probably does!' He thinks. I smile, and say, "Yes I do have a new power." And laugh as he blushed. He looks sad. I crawl over to him, sit in his lap, and kiss him. He's surprised at my actions, but then he kisses back, hands on my waist.
We pull apart from the kiss, and look at him, and smile. So romantic. That is until, Tony opens the door. I sigh, and give him a death glare. He looks kinda scared. We walk out, not hating each other any more.

Sorry its short, its almost 11:00 and I'm tired.

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