Chapter 1

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*Buttercup's P.O.V*

"Beep, Beep, Beep"is all I heard before I slapped my hand down on the button. Damn,I hate mondays.I got up out of my queen size bed with green sheets, and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower.When I was done I put on a dark green T-shirt that said I love Three Day Grace, some black and green nikes,with my green hoodie brushed my dark black hair that goes to my shoulders, grabbed my backpack and headed down stairs.
As expected, my sisters were already there waiting for me.I have two sisters Blossom and Bubbles. Blossom has long orange hair that she usually wears in a pony tail with her red bow, with a pink top pink shorts and white and pink converses.Bubbles is a blond with her two perfect curly pigtails wearing a baby blue tanktop and blue skirt and white and blue converses.
I didn't feel like eating so we just left on our way to prison (school).Did I forget to mention we are superheroes? Well yeah, we are the PowerPuff Girls Z and we protect the city of Metrovill.

As we left our house after we said goodbye to the professor we walk to school.Blossom and bubbles were talking about shopping at the mall and new clothes, I knew somthing like this would happen so I took out my earbuds and put on Animal I Have Become by Three Day Grace. (Its a really good rock band).Three Day Grace is my favorite band in the world, I can't wait to go to their consert in five weeks.

*Brick's P.O.V*

I wolk up to my alarm going off, I turned the stupied thing off took a shower and got ready for school.I put on and dark red T-shirt black pants with my chained walit in my pocket and red nikes.I brushed my orange hair in to a low pony tail and put on my favorite red cap on backwards.I grabbed my backpack and headed down stairs.
My bros Boomer and Butch wear comming downs stairs as I reached the bottom. Boomer Is a blond with short hair he was wearing a blue shirt with black shorts chained walit and blue Jordans, Butch has short dark hair with a green tank with black pants and his chained walit.Together we are the RowdyRuff Boys,supervillians, and the schools bad boys.

After we left home after we scared the shit out of mama (MoJo Jojo) by throwing a bucket of water on his face when he was sleeping we headed to school.

As we were walking we saw the powerpuffs.Pinky was talking to bubbles and buttercup was listening to music.We hated the powerpuff with all our little hearts.Buttercup looks fucken hot right now an..No,NO I cant think about her like that she's a puff and I am a ruff and even if I did like her I doubt she would give me the time of day anyway.But for right now, I have tons of women I can have at school right now.

This is my very first book so if you could tell me how I did that would be great and let me know if I should update and give me ideas on what to do next thank you
~ SavannahTaylor130

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