chapter 6

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Jade's p.o.v 

It was Friday and I was still a bit dazed by the incident that happened in the locker room the other day. It's not everyday that the person that hates you the most in the world kisses you . Harry, Niall, Jesy and I were sitting at the lunch table Jesy beside me trying to start a conversation but I wasn't interested. Thoughts still clouding my mind as I replayed the kiss over and over again in my head. Why did Perrie kiss me now? Why didn't I push her back as soon as she kissed me? Did I actually like it? I mean I felt butterflys and I wasn't complaining about it so what was going on? "Jade you OK you seem a bit....out of it" Harry asked curiously snapping me out of the trance. "Yeah why ?" I asked giving him a forced smile. But by the way he seemed to knit his eyebrows together and look into my eyes deeply. I could tell he saw right through my smile. He gave me a long hard look "Do you want to talk about something I mean you seemed to zone out your not eating anything and you seemed to be starring into space" But I just shook my head not wanting to tell ANYONE about what happened "No its alright I'm fine " I gave him a weak smile turning my attention passed him to where Perrie was sitting and I just seemed to stare at her. When she looked back I felt my heart beat faster but righ when she  locked eyes with me she grabbed Zayn's face and began to make out with him right then and there. I felt a sharp pain in my heart . Was I actually jealous I mean she wasn't mine to begin with so why did I care she obviously didn't . I looked down at my food and couldn't help but let a tear trickle down my face and fall on my lap . Why was I so hung up on a girl that didn't really give a shit about me? The kiss in the locker room was probably just a silly game to her just to wind me up so she could just play with me. Did she know I would feel this way about her? Why was she doing this? 


Perrie's p.o.v 

I felt someone's eyes burning holes into my skull and as I looked up I found the beautiful eyes belonged to Jade. My stomach churning and my heart dropped as I saw the look of pain on her face was I the one causing that? I didn't want to though. Which is pretty ironic since I've been causing her physical pain for the past 7 years. But seeing her like that just made me feel guilty and I just wanted to kiss that little pout of her freaking perfect face. Perrie you can't your straight I heard a voice in my head say and I agreed grabbing Zayn's jaw turning him to face me and kissed him roughly. I tried feeling something like the butterflys Jade gave me but I felt nothing at all not even the slightest spark coming onto my lips nI broke the kiss hearing Zayn pant trying to find his normal pattern of breath "What was that for?" He asked smirking I just shrugged not really wanting to find an excuse . He leaned in again but I shoved a sandwhich in his face "Kiss that" I teased him. Not wanting to kiss anyone if it wasn't Jade. I had to hide my feelings if this got out I would be screwed. 


Jade's p.o.v 

I sat in the back of Mr.Taylors class alone not expecting to see Perrie there since it was already 10 minutes into class and no sign of her. But right when I started reading my book I heard the door open and a voice whisper something to Mr.Taylor. Heels clicked my way. I took in a sharp breath not really knowing what to say to Perrie as she sat next to me not even glancing in my direction . I felt my stomach turn. She's absolutely disgusted by me but she kissed me first!!! "Umm...hi" I whispered quietly making sure only Perrie could hear. "Hi" Perrie snapped back making my heart drop to my stomach but no one seemed to notice because everyone was talking about the project . I'm right she does hate me. After about what seemed like ages I got the confidence to say "So whose house ?" I asked glancing at Perrie seeing her roll her eyes "What?" she asked bored looking into my eyes and I seemed momentarily paralyzed by her cotton candy blue eyes even when they were full of hatred. "Hello" she snappes irritated waving a hand up and down in front of my face to get my attention pulling me out of it. "I ....ermm..whose house are we going to do the project at?" I asked shyly feeling my face heat up. "Mine" she stated really fast and went back to writing something down in her notebook before ripping it out and putting it in the palm of my hand "That's my address don't loose it" She said her hand on mine for a little bit longer but the bell rang making us grab our stuff and leave . 

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