Lab Rats : Marcus has a bionic Sister!

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Names: Emily-17  Adam-18   Chase-17  Bree- 16 Leo 15  Davenport-30  Tasha -29 


Hi,my name is Emily ,and my brother Marcus is still alive somewhere, I just don't know where

I have a secret,I'M BIONIC ,I'm gonna tell Adam,bree,chase,Leo and Mr.Davenport,because they are going to tell me where my brother Marcus is,no matter what happens.

 Emily Pov(Point Of View)

Today was my first time going to Mission Creek High,I looked up the school online,and it said it was a great school,but i knew that was just an advertisement.

While i was walking into my new school,i accidentally bumped into someone on the way,and i felt like i knew that person some how.

"Oh my,im so sorry,i wasn't looking"Bree said   

"No,its me fault"I said

"Um,hi im Emily,Im new to Mission Creek High."I said with an smile.

"Ya,I've notice you kinda have that i'm new smell"Bree chuckled

"And my name is Bree by the way"she said.

"Well its very,nice to meet you Bree"i said polietly

"You wanna meet my brothers?"Bree asked me.

"Ya sure"i answered her quickly.

Bree and I walked over to her brothers,One of them looked really tall,black hair and had mussels,the other one was my age,the same height but a little taller,and had brown hair with hazel eyes,Then another one who looked like their stepbrother,had black hair and black eyes.

"Guys,this is Emily"Bree said.

"And Emily these weirdos are my brothers"She said as well

"Nice to meet you all"i replied.

"Nice to meet you Emily,im chase,and this is adam,and leo"chase said.

 "Do you like Pigs?"Adam asked me

"ummm sure i guess"i said looking confused

"So what classes do you have"Bree asked

I gave my schedule to bree to look at it,and she took it.

"Wow you have all my brother chase classes,you must be really smart"Bree smiled

"Thank you"I said as the bell rang.

No One's Pov

As they were talking the bell rang,and both Emily and Chase were holding their ears at the same time,they wondered why both of them were holding their ears ,so chase asked.

"Why are you holding your ears"Chase said 

"Why are you holding your ears too"Emily asked him.

"I questioned you first"Chase replied

"Umm, i was holding my ears,because i was just umm, you know ,umm ,oh hey nice shirt"Emily stuttered.

The bell went off and bree,adam,and leo headed off to theirs classes.

"lets just get to class and forget everything that happened"Emily answered.

With that they both went to class.Once they were in class,the teacher Mrs.Elans told her to introduce her self to the class ,she did and she took a seat with chase.

"Okay students,Today we are gonna do a Math Competition,And usually chase is on the lead,so everyone pair up."Mrs.Elans Said.

Everyone paired into two's so it was

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