1. School is School

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***Taylar POV***

I awaken to my mama calling my name. You would think she was a drill sergeant the way she called on me and my siblings. But I roll over and look at my alarm clock, which hasn't even gone off. What the hell?

I have another freaking hour before I have to wake up! Even to feed Whippet (my horse)!

"Taylar Daughtry!"

I look over to the door as she bursts in. I sit up and scratch my head as I stare at her blankly.

"Get up out of bed right now," she orders.

Knowing not to argue I stand and she plasters on a smile as she says, "Good. Now go shower."

She turns to leave and I trudge to the bathroom connected to my room. Baby (mama's dog) is laying in front of the tub. I shoo him out of the bathroom and pull off my oversized sweatshirt and underwear.

"Here goes another day," I grumble.

I hop into the shower and press the button for my set temperature. I gotta remember to thank Daddy for fixing my bathroom up how I wanted. It was seriously high tech. Memory temperatures on the water, heated floors, heating drawer for my towels, a waterproof wall unit for my music that plays by Bluetooth and has voice recognition, and my hair supplies rotating rack. Like seriously this was the bathroom of teenage girl heaven.

"This shower feels soooo good," I say to the empty bathroom as I dip my head into the shower flow. It's gone be a long day.

***Julian POV***

I awakened as we pulled up to a two story baby blue and white house sitting in the middle of a block of smaller houses. My dad smiled to the backseat as he said, "Welcome home Son."

I rolled my eyes, grabbed a suitcase and exited the car. My mother was already unlocking the house door. I walked up to her and she smiled as she said, "Aww Sweetie this place will grow on you. Watch."

I walked into the large foyer and straight up the stairs. I walked to the end of the hall where my mother had said my room would be. She'd already hung up the few autographed posters of great quarterbacks and framed my pictures of my friends. All I had to do was unpack my clothes. But that would have to wait. I had to get to school to get my schedule.

I jumped in the shower quickly then threw on a fitted white T-shirt and some black jean shorts along with my white and black Converses. I walked downstairs and kissed my mother's cheek before heading out the door. I had my school address and my GPS on my phone said it was just a couple blocks from my house. So I began my walk.

***Taylar's POV***

After taking care of my responsibilities at home, including feeding Whippet and sending him out into the hills, I hopped in my Silver Jeep Wrangler and headed for school. Here it was Senior year and I'm still not accepted by the people of this town. And I'm not even dark. I could pass for a tanned white person. Somewhere. I'm sure of it.

I groaned as I pulled up at school.


My bff Heather was standing next to my parking spot waiting for me. I exited my Jeep and grabbed my purple bookbag out the backseat. She smiled and rushed to my side.

"Girl," she immediately started signalling some unimportant gossip followed. "How about Marsha is already trying to say she's definitely going to win the talent show?"

I whipped my head up to her. "What talent show?!"

She grinned and licked her sucker as we walked into school.

"The Winter Talent Contest for the seniors," she explained pointing to a flyer on the wall.

How could I not know? Oh right. If its not helping me into college I don't pay attention about anything in this place.

We headed to the cafeteria passing by Principal Logan's office. I tried to creep by without him noticing me.

"Miss Daughtry!"


"See ya Girl," Heather commented as she scurried away.

I groaned before stepping into Mr. Logan's office. He had his comb-over slicked down and sweat on his forehead even though the fan was directly on him. He looked like The Penguin from Batman. I suppressed a gag as he stood and his belly jiggled.

"Yes Mr. Logan," I began with a fake smile. "What is it today? I don't remember doing anything bad. So how may I help you?"

He placed a file in the cabinet before replying, "You haven't done anything YET. But this isn't about you. It's about our new student. I figure since you and Heather run around school all day then you'd have no problem showing Mr. Duke here around."

I mugged him for the comment about me not doing anything then turned to see who he was pointing at. Y'all my jaw nearly dropped off my face! This boy was FIIIIIINNNE! He put me in the mind of an older version of the twins from Suite Life of Zach & Cody. He smirked and that's when I realized I was staring. I straightened up and turned to Mr. Logan as a slight blush crept into my cheeks.

"Mr. Logan I'm already an outcast you can't stick me with the new kid," I pretended to protest.

He looked at me sternly and I sucked my teeth before motioning for New Boy to follow me. I grabbed his schedule from him and saw that we had all except third period together. First, Second and Forth he was in with me. So he was clearly a Senior as well.

"I'm Julian by the way," he called from behind me.

I turned to him and replied, "Taylar. That's a-r not o-r. Look, I was going to get some breakfast. But we can just stop by the snack store. I need to show you to your locker and where your classes are. You have three out of four with me though."

***Julian POV***

She was beautiful as hell. She looked like a model fresh out of a magazine. Her blonde hair was wild with curls. Her blue jeans hugged her hips and ran down into a pair of brown cowgirl boots. The tassels on her white blouse gave her a dainty look. I came back to her face to see she was staring at me confused.

"Excuse me," I asked as I cleared my throat.

She smiled slightly and continued walking ahead of me. She had a nice ass. I had to say something. I couldn't keep staring at her ass.

"So what are you mixed with?" Damn! Stupid question. But she answered it.

"I'm not. I mean apparently my great great grandpa was white and by some miracle I got my blonde hair from him. But that's too far back in the line for me to care. So I'm fully black. Just light skinned."

I smirked. She was fiesty. I could tell already. She led the way to each of our classes that day. The one I didn't have with her was luckily just down the hall from her. At lunch I got her number incase I needed any help or anything. Then she hopped in a silver Jeep with her friend, I learned was named Heather and left. I headed home and my mother was waiting for me.

"How's your school," she immediately asked.

"School is school," I replied absently. My mind was on Taylar.

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