Chapter 41

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Again, DO NOT READ if you feel weird reading about sex or if you don't want to be harassed 🙄. I hope it's not too detailed where ya get grossed out 😂 .

Diyah's pov:
Gio brings his lips to my neck and begins sucking on it causing me to close my eyes in pure pleasure.

I know by now the hicky he's given me is as large as a grape and as purple as one.

He bites down on it softly causing me to let out a moan that comes from the back of my throat.

I wrap my arms around his neck and pull on his hair causing him to let out what seems to have been a growl.

God that turned me on when he growled!

He goes back to trailing kisses from my neck down to in between my breast and takes a now hardened nipple into his mouth causing me to shutter in pleasure.

He nibbles on it with his teeth while he takes the other one into his hands and massages it softly.

It felt way too good for just foreplay and I knew that there was even better to come.

A throbbing feeling comes in between my thighs and I know for sure now it's because I want him inside of me. Deep inside of me.

He does the same thing to the other nipple and then squeezes it with his hand causing me to open my eyes. The pain and pleasure of the two go together so well I forget it hurt.

He goes back to trailing kisses down my stomach and stops right above my entrance.

He jumps right off the bed and swings my legs over to the other side of bed. Giving him more access to me. He spreads my legs open and stares at me for a while before licking his lips seductively.

I silently thank myself for being one of those girls that shaves monthly and luckily I had shaved just a week ago.

"I didn't know I was hungry for so long," he says his eyes locking with mine in nothing but pure hunger and desire.

He goes down in his knees and swings my legs over his shoulder causing me to yelp at the sudden actions.

I close my eyes and bite into my lips not knowing what's to come.

I feel something in me and instantly my eyes fly open and look down.

"God you're so wet," he says opening my pussy lips with his other fingers.

His finger is exploring its way through my small hole and although it hurts, the pain feels good.

It goes in and out causing me to move my hips to the movement of his fingers who've now picked up their speed.

My moans are getting louder every time he slams his finger back in and flickers my insides.

He then places another finger in me causing me to curse under my breath at how good it feels.

A warm, tingly feeling is beginning to form and with each finger going out together, the feeling only increases.

I hold onto the sheets not knowing what else to grab onto.

If his fingers felt this good inside of me, then what would his dick feel like then?

By now his pace has increased and my legs are shaking on his shoulders.

Right before my insides explode he takes his fingers out causing me to groan in annoyance.

"W-why?" I ask my voice trembling.

I was on the verge of tears. Why'd he stop right when I was getting ready to release?

"You're too loud," he says shrugging.

Was he serious? I was too loud? Well why was he fingering me with two fingers then if I was too loud.

I don't want to say to him. I could throw his TV at his head take what I want myself.

"Before you think anything else, it's just because I don't want everyone else hearing what's music to my ears. Get dressed," he says standing up now.

"It's two in the morning," I say my voice still trembling.

"No one can hear us and I wasn't that loud," I add finally defending myself.

"I promise we'll finish this, just not here," he says throwing on a shirt and heading towards the bathroom.

He comes back with my robe and throws it at me.

"It'll be like a five minute drive to the nearest hotel and I'd prefer if you didn't leave naked although I would very much like that," he says with a smirk.

I take the robe and tie it back so that I'm more covered than the last time I wore it. I let my hair down so that its covering my chest.

After he realizes that I'm not moving he comes to my side and scoops me up by the waist and places a kiss on my lips.

"I promise we'll finish," he says finally before grabbing his keys and leading us to his car.


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