Chapter 40

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Hailie and Eli went into the dining hall. Gordon had buckets of meat that he was cutting up.

"Are they done?" Hailie asked.

He gestured to all of it. "What do you think? Grab a cleaver and help me.

Kendra came in carrying a bucket. She dropped it next to the others.

"This is the last of it," she said. "Excellent timing, Hailie."

Eli was looking at the meat in the buckets. "So this is what you were trying to hide from me. You guys killed a dolphin," Eli said.

"How do you expect us to feed so many people?" Kendra asked.

"I'm the one who took inventory from the last ship we robbed. I know we have enough food. There was no need to kill the dolphin. What next? Are you going to cook Romeo and Juliette as well? Hailie hide the cats. No, wait. You're helping to cook. I should hide them from you as well."

"I am not going to cook the cats," Hailie said.

"Is this what happened to the last cats? Did you eat them as well? Is this why there weren't any bodies?"

"They died. This is precisely why I didn't let you see them," Kendra said.

Eli pointed to the bird on her shoulder. "Watch out Sunny. You're next."

If this was the true Elijah Trent, then all the other pirates should go curl up in a corner and cry from the shame.

"You eat beef," Hailie pointed out.

"I didn't know the cow."

"You did not know the dolphin."

"But killing a cow and killing a dolphin are two completely different things. Cows are mindless animals. All they do is eat then die. Dolphins are smart creatures. They have families."

"They are both animals."

"You're only saying that because you've never seen or heard them cry. They're almost as bad as whales."

Hailie could already see the other pirates crying themselves to sleep.

"Dolphins cannot cry underwater."

"That's what you think." Eli looked at the meat in the bucket and shook his head. "Fine. Eat it. Next time I'll bring some puppies on board and you can eat them as well." He turned and walked off.

Kendra leaned against the counter and rubbed her temples. "We have this same argument every time, but at least he was much calmer than before."

"I am not sure I can wear that vest now. All I am seeing in my head is a crying dolphin," Hailie said.

"Just ignore him. That's what we do," Gordon said. He hadn't said a word during any of the conversation.

Kendra patted Hailie's shoulder. "He'll get over it. Have fun with all this," she said, gesturing to the buckets. She was making fun of them. "I'm going back on deck."

Gordon took out another chopping board and a cleaver. "What are we going to do with this for tonight?"

"Instead of cooking it now, let us wait until tomorrow night."


She needed him to agree with her for the plan to work. "They will be leaving the next day. Think of it as a celebration that they will be leaving."

"It won't be a celebration. When they leave, so do you. You haven't asked to stay yet."

"I am going to. If the Captain says yes, then it would be a celebration of another kind."

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