Chapter 9

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"Derek, when's my mom going to get here?" Isaac asks after a nurse delivers his dinner. "And my brother. They should be here by now."

The innocent and slightly worried look on the boy's face brings tears to Derek's eyes. "They aren't coming, Isaac."

"Why?" Isaac asks.

Derek sighs and runs his hands through his hair. "I need you to remember, Isaac." He whispers.

Tears form in Isaac's eyes; judging by the look on Derek's face, it isn't pleasant. "Remember what?" His voice sounds so . . . broken.

"Isaac, your mother and brother are-"

"Derek!" Stiles yells while running into the room, breathless.

He immediately senses that something is wrong. "Stiles, what happened?" Derek stands up and puts his hands on Stiles's trembling shoulders.

"Scott's mom . . . she's gone." He whispers.

Derek's hands fall to his sides, "You mean . . . she died?"

Stiles looks into Derek's now red eyes. "No, she's not dead." He says, "But her body's gone."

"What about Scott? Didn't he see anything?" Derek asks furiously.

"He doesn't remember. He says that one moment she was on the bed and the next, she was gone." Stiles explains.

"Is he alright?" Derek asks, concerned.

Stiles shakes his head, "He went bat-shit crazy and they had to sedate him. He's a couple of rooms over."

Isaac takes a deep breath and raises his hand. Derek sees him out of the corner of his eye and raises his eyebrows quizzically. "Yes Isaac?"

Isaac clears his throat, "Well, uhm, I think that the alpha pack took Scott's mom."

Derek and Stiles sit on the edge of Isaac's bed. "What makes you think that?" Derek asks gently, his eyes now back to normal.

Isaac shrugs, "They can steal memories, right? Maybe they took Scott's memories of them being there."

Stiles slaps his leg, "For someone who suffered a huge ass blow to the head four days ago, he's got a point."

Isaac smiles, "Well, I have a great memory, you know. My mom always said that I should remember everything because you never know what information you'll need in the future."

Stiles looks at Derek with a concerned expression, but Derek shakes it off. "Well, your mother was very smart Isaac."

Isaac's eyes widen, "Was?"

Derek grabs Isaac's hands, "She's dead now. She has been for a while, since before you moved here."

Isaac shudders, "D-does my brother k-know?"

Derek looks at the floor, "He's dead too."

Tears fall down Isaac's cheeks but he ignores them. "Did you kill them?"

Isaac flinches as he hears a knock on his bedroom door. "Come in."

His brother opens the door slightly and pokes his head in. "Dinner's ready."

Isaac gulps; he doesn't want to leave his room and face the next hour. After they eat he has to say goodbye to his brother. It's not fair that his mother just left and now his brother will be gone as well; leaving Isaac with his dad who hasn't been the same since mom died. "Okay, I'm coming."

His brother sighs and comes into the room. "Isaac, I'll only be gone for a few months."

Isaac wipes tears from his eyes, "What if you die in combat?" His voice is so broken and there's no mistaking the edge of fear in it. "I don't want to be left here with dad . . . he hates me. He's always angry at me."

His brother sits beside him on the bed. "He's not actually mad at you; he's just still grieving for mom. And he doesn't hate you; he loves you more than you will ever know."

Isaac shakes his head and looks into his brother's eyes. "Just promise me that you'll come back."

Isaac's brother smiles, "I promise."

'Don't make promises that you can't keep.' His father's words echo in Isaac's ears.

His dad reaches out and grabs Isaac by his hair. "Lets take a trip downstairs." He says menacingly.

Isaac goes along willingly; knowing that it would only be worse if he resisted, if he fought back. He had managed to stay calm until the dreaded white box loomed into sight. Isaac's heart instantly went into overdrive and he broke his vow of silence. "D-d-dad, p-p-please," Isaac pleads.

A hand slaps the side of Isaac's face hard; hard enough to give him a bloody nose and an almost instant black eye. He could feel the sting of the impact long after the hand was gone. "Don't you dare stutter again, not in my presence. Don't even speak to me unless I ask you too, got it ya little shit?" His father's face was only inches away from his own.

Isaac nods, "I understand." He swallows his fear and panic and says something really risky. "What did I do?"

His father shoves him into the wall with so much force that it causes his ears to ring. "What did you do?! What did you . . ." he trails off, muttering the same sentence to himself repeatedly. His father stomps towards Isaac, with a fresh wave of anger, and yanks Isaac up by the collar of his shirt. "It's your fault that my wife is dead," a punch is made to his jaw, "and it's your fault that my only other son is dead as well!" Another punch. "You deserve every bad thing that ever happens to you!" He slams the back of Isaac's head against the freezer and grins as Isaac cries out in pain.

Using the moment that Isaac was in a daze; his father unlatched the freezer door and flipped it open. He hoisted his son up and over the edge before locking it again. "And now you're going to pay." He whispered against the door before walking away, laughing.

At first Isaac did not panic and pound the suffocating walls like usual. Only one thought kept bouncing around in his mind; his big brother was dead, just like his mom. That was the first time Isaac gave up hope; the first time that he wanted to end his life.

And then the panic set in. With every desperate smack on the wall or tortured scream, the thought of death drifted further away.