Chapter 41- Package

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Chapter 41- Package

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Chapter 41- Package

I stare ahead at Theo, not moving, not breathing, not blinking.

"Is something wrong?" Theo's dad asks, looking between Theo and I. "Dad, that's her. That's Maya." Theo explains, a smirks creeping onto his face.

I stay silent, my hands balling into fists as all the memories rush back. "Wait, you know her?" Dylan turns to me, "You know them?" he whispers. I nod, my eyes not moving from Theo's.

I let out a whimper as reality hits me hard. This is Theo Corlan, my ex boyfriend who tried to kill me as a joke, standing in front of me.

He has gotten bigger, he was big before but now he is just so much muscle that I feel the need to take a really big step away from him.

This is the guy that I had fallen in love with. The one that dated me then cheated on me then tried to kill me.

"Yeah, I know him." I say in a hushed whisper, nodding my head. And the understatement of the year goes to...

"Okay, just take the money and give me the package and we will leave." Dylan says, pulling a huge wad of money from his back pocket.

"I changed my mind, I don't want the money, I want the girl." Mr. Corlan says, nodding his head towards me. My eyes widen further and I start shaking my head, my heart starts racing.

Dylan laughs for a few seconds and then goes completely serious, "No." he says, his face completely blank.

Theo steps foward, "Maya, you've become a prostitute now? I knew you were cheap but this is just," he laughs, "god, who would even pay for you?" he asks, his eyebrows raised.

I shake my head slowly, "Please shut up." I state, gritting my teeth.

"Come on Maya, not even this Dylan boy wants you for sex, you're just too ugly." he spits and I let out a wimper, bowing my head in defeat.

He's right, even Dylan doesn't want me.

I feel Dylan's hand slip into mine, "Maya is beautiful." he says proudly and my heart skips a beat, I look up at Dylan in shock but he's just glaring at Theo.

"Oh, and speaking of ugly, what happened to your face? It looks like it caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork." Dylan says.

Theo is about to retort but his dad cuts him off, "Just give us the girl and we will give you the package." the dad says sternly.

Dylan rolls his eyes, "You can shove that package up your ass, there is no way I'm giving Maya to you." he says.

We walk towards the door of the hotel room, "Oh and Theo, tell your mom that I need the change from yesterday." he states and walks out the door with me in tow.

I bite my lip as we walk down the stairs and out the hotel, trying as hard as I can not to smile. We reach our hotel and take the elevator up to our rooms. The entire walk is spent in silence.

He said I was beautiful!

I am honestly doing the craziest freaking happy dance ever inside my head and it's extremely hard trying not to smile even though I really want to.

As we stop outside our doors, I unlock the door to the room I'm staying in and look up at Dylan to see that he is just playing with his keys.

"Maya, I-" Dylan starts talking but I just can't help it anymore, I let out a squeal and run to Dylan, jumping up and wrapping my arms around his neck, he falls over and I burst into laughter and then I start blushing when I realize that I am straddling him.

"Thank you Dylan." I whispers, smiling. "It's a pleasure nerd." he says with a wink. I stand up, the huge grin never leaving my face.

"I'm going to call my dad to tell him we didn't get the package, I'll come check on you just now, okay?" Dylan asks and I nod then walk into my hotel room.


Dylan knocks on my door and I pull it open so he walks straight in, "Maya, I'm so sorry." he says as soon as the door is closed.

"Dylan-" Dylan cuts me off.

"No, I need to say this." he sits down on the edge of my bed and I sit down beside him, waiting for him to continue.

"Honestly, I am really, really sorry. I wasn't thinking when I said that the kiss meant nothing. I do kiss girls all the time but when I kissed you it was so different. I didn't know that it was your first kiss but to be honest, if it was your first kiss, I am honored and I don't regret it because I want to be the only person that ever kisses you." Dylan slips his hand into mine.

"I like you Maya. I've known that I have liked you for a really long time but I could never admit it. When I saw the way Theo looked at you, I could see that he wanted you. I don't know what happened between you two but he definitely wanted you and that made me mad because you're mine. You're my nerd and I don't want you to be anyone else's. I can't imagine you being with anyone else because I am completely head-over-heels for you and I want you to know that before I loose you. I really like you and I am so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you." he says and looks down at his lap.

I stare flabbergasted at Dylan, my eyes slowly going blurry from tears. I take in everything Dylan has just told me. Dylan Thompson likes me. He wanted to kiss me. The kiss didn't mean nothing.

After a really long silence he adds, "But I mean, if you don't like me back I totally understand."

I quickly wipe away a tear and stand up then straddle Dylan's lap, my knees going on each side of Dylan's waist as he sits.

"I like you too." I whisper and lean down, wrapping my hand around the back of Dylan's neck and pressing my lips to his.


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