chapter 1.

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Mariana's pov

"Maria school." Dom said opening my door.

"Your lucky I was already dressed you old man." I said teasing my big brother. He stuck his tongue out at me and said hurry up than left. I finished getting ready and went downstairs. Pic above.

"You look cute." Letty said and kissed my head. I grabbed a red bull and said bye than got in my car I built with my brother and went to school. I pulled up and my boyfriend came over and opened my door.

"Thanks." I said and grabbed my bag and got out. He kissed me but I moved so he kissed my cheek. I'm breaking up with him today cause well I'm tired of him hitting me. My family doesn't know and its a good thing they don't know either.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked and I said I was getting sick. He glared and took me to the side of the school and slapped me. I punched him back and said it was over. I went to my car and drove to the garage. I got there and went to the bathroom and there's blood on my lip. I than covered up the bruise on my face. The second me and him had sex he became abusive. I'm going to get face ripped out by dom and I won't be able to go to the race tonight. I got in my car and drove home cause school already started and Dom is at the Diner. I went inside and saw the team.

"Mariana what the hell happened to your face?" Letty asked I said nothing and went to my room. I locked my door and laid in bed.

"We'll be at the diner." Leon called to me and I said okay. I heard them leave than a couple minutes later there was a knock on my door.

"Maria open up now." Devon said and I groaned.

"No now leave when I said it was over that means its over Devon." I said and he broke my door down.

"Damn it Devon." I yelled than jumped up and he punched me and broke my nose. I groaned and fell back. He got on top of me and kept hitting me and I finally kneed him in the nuts and he rolled off me. I grabbed my gun and I had blood all over me.

"Leave or I shoot." I said and he got up and ran out. I heard his car speed off and I called his big brother Johnny.

"Maria what's wrong?"

"I need a ride to the hospital."

"He hit you again didn't he?"

"Yeah more like beat me Johnny my family can't know."

"Alright I'm on my way." He said and I hung up. I went to the bathroom and got a towel and went downstairs and Johnny honked the horn. I went out and locked the door. I got in and he looked at my face and sighed. He than went to the racing doctor. They broke my nose back and put tape on it and than saw a cut in my brow. They gave me stitches. They cleaned my face up and I didn't look too bad. They gave me a knew rag and John took me home. I saw my family was home so I went through my window. I saw Dom fixing my door.

"Oh thank god your okay." Mia said and hugged me. 

"Tell that to my face." I said and laid on my bed.

"Who did this?" Mia asked and I sighed.

"Devon but I called Johnny and he took me to the race doctor." I said and Dom looked at my face and sighed.

"Why didn't you tell us Mariana?" He asked and I rolled over so he wasn't looked on my face.

"Because I know how you and the guys would act than I'd be visiting you guys in jail." I said and he turned me over and sat me up.

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