We Can Work With This Part 3 (Stiles)

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"Stiles, come on!" Scott screamed. "You have to try!" He had lost his patience. It was Stiles' first full moon. He hadn't yet learned how to completely control when he was going to change but he was working on it.

We had tried everything. Scott and I had been trying to figure out how to keep Stiles calm. We had chained Stiles up in his room. His father was working late tonight. Stiles wanted me to stay away. He didn't want to hurt me but, I couldn't. This was his first full moon, I wasn't going to let him go through it alone. Scott was here but, still. I just didn't want to leave him. We could tell the affect was kicking in when he started breathing heavy, his chest rising and falling at a fast pace. 

When his eyes began switching rapidly between blue and brown was when we panicked. We didn't know what he was going to be like. 

He has done a good job, so far, of keep his anger under control. He hasn't flipped out but a handful of times in the past five days since he has been bitten. Today, he kept getting angry but started to hold his breath to calm himself down. I asked him if his "werewolfiness" was kicking in during lunch but he said no. He said it was just him panicking over the thought of him freaking out and turning into a werewolf in front of everybody. He was giving himself panic attacks. 

It had been quiet. We didn't want to bother him or make him angry but when his breathing became even quicker one of us had to say something. We couldn't yell at him like Scott had just done. It only seemed to make him angrier. 

"Stiles?" I asked him. I wanted to see if he was okay. 

Then, all of the sudden, he screamed. He hasn't been able to change on command. We've been working for days but nothing seems to help. I keep telling him that it will be okay and that he will figure out how to do it eventually but, he doesn't listen. He says he never thought he would be the one learning how to change and how to stay calm on a full moon. 

He wouldn't stop screaming. If we didn't get him quiet and calm in the next minute, I wouldn't be surprised if one of his neighbor's called the cops. 

"Stiles!" I shouted even though my voice couldn't be heard through his screams. 

The screams grew quieter until eventually he stopped to catch his breath. Scott looks up like he had an idea . 

"Stiles, remember when I was first learning," Stiles turned to look back at Scott who had just said those words. "What was the thing that slowed down my heart rate? What made me calm down, Stiles?" Stiles started to look up slowly until he was looking into my eyes. 

"Allison," I could barely hear Stiles say under his breath. I walked over to him and took his hands in mine. His breathing was still as fast as ever, his eyes still a light blue, but, slowly, it was changing. His breathing was slowing. His eyes were flashing between the eyes of a beta and the eyes of Stiles. He looked up at me and then out of his window at the moon and his breathing quickened again.

"Stiles," I said for what felt like the one thousandth time in the last hour. "Look at me. Don't look at anything else. Just look at me." He looked up at me and I saw what looked like tears falling from his eyes. "It's okay," I reassured him. "It's gonna be okay. You can do this. If anyone was strong enough to do this, it's you." 

He grew a small smile as his breathing slowed and his eyes began changing back and forth again until finally, they stopped on the beautiful golden brown color that I had always adored.

Scott smiled. "That's my Stiles," I whispered to him after I laid my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around my back and we stayed there for a while. Then Scott coughed breaking our intimate moment. I laughed and sat back up but Stiles pulled me onto his lap."Alright, it looks like my job here is done," Scott said. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." I didn't even worry that he was my ride back to my house. I just waved and smiled as he walked out of the room. 

"Thank you," Stiles whispered into my hair after Scott had gone. I smiled and looked up at his brown eyes as he leaned in to give me a small, passionate kiss. I groaned in annoyance at the shortness of the kiss and he chuckled kissing me longer the next time. I put my hands in his hair as we continued but Stiles quickly pulled away. 

I looked at him confused as to why he would've pulled away. "We don't want to raise my heart rate again, do we?" He asked. 

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