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So SamurottPlayzMC tagged me in a whole bunch of these, but I'm just gonna do three and I'll tag my people just on the last one.  :)

Q: do you like someone?

A: I do not

Q: do they like you?

A: not applicable

Q: middle name?

A: Celeste

Q: single or taken?

A: very single

Q: last person you texted?

A: my twin sister in London, England

Q: last song you listened to?

A: a baddass remix of Total Eclipse of the Heart

Q: Battery %?

A: 81%

Q: girl bestie?

A: it's a three-way tie

Q: boy bestie?

A: don't have one

Q: favorite OTP?

A: Xena and Gabrielle <3

Q: why you made your account?

A: it looked like fun!

Q: current lock screen?

A: golden butterflies coming out of a jar

Q: birthday?

A: May 30th

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