CHANWOO ~ Player

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Note: Guys, please don't take my imagines too seriously okay? :/ Just a reminder! 😂

Enjoy this one! Hohoho



"I'm sure you will win Jung Chanwoo. I know you can guys can make it. I will cheer for you! I'm your number 1 fangirl right?" He messed my hair and pouted his lips as he pinch my cheeks. He really does this sometimes. It already became his hobby. Geez.

"I'm so lucky that I have you. You're the prettiest and the cutest living thing in the world! Can you do an aegyo for me? Please _______?" I glanced away and chuckled. Am I a teddy bear or a panda? He really finds me cute. And I can't help but to blush.

I took a deep breath. I opened my mouth as I blink many times and did a peace sign to act cute in front of him. Oh my, I look like a retarded shit.

"You're so adorable _______-yah! I'll go now cause the game will start in a few minutes. Can I get a goodluck kiss?" Now he pinched my nose. I playfully punched his biceps. I struggled first because he is so tall.

"Aish, later. Just go there and show your killer stunts. I love you. Saranghae." I tip-toed to kiss his cheeks. We stared at each other for a moment before he looked away and turned around, going to the court.

Aw, why didn't I heard an I love you too from him? Aaah I hate him. I'll kick his ass later.

I searched for a seat where I can clearly see him. I'm gonna cheer for him so loud later.

"Oh, here is Chanwoo's puppy. Hey _______, don't assume that Chanwoo likes you. You will never be his girlfriend. Put that in your mind huh?" I heard them say. I looked at them and just raised an eyebrow.

"Hey ugly frog. Before you say that, make sure that Chanwoo is yours. Don't act like you are his mother." I rolled my eyes and focused my attention on Chanwoo's spot.

You will never be his girlfriend. Really? I'm his girlfriend now. They just can't accept that the school's most handsome guy and the monster player in playing basketball is already my official boyfriend.

After 10 minutes, the game started. Of course, Chanwoo's team especially him gains score in every shoot. Chanwoo's indeed the monster player. And also my monster boyfriend.

When it's already their break, Chanwoo looked at me, did a flying kiss and winked at me. He also showed me a heart sign. Okay my heart is fangirling right now.

"Ew! I'm still knowing why did he court you. One day, I'm sure, Chanwoo will regret having you as his girlfriend." I just ignored those bitches. I think, they got nothing to do with their lives. Lol.

Every shoot that Chanwoo does, I'm screaming like hell. Of course, I am his number 1 fangirl.

At the end of the game, Chanwoo's team wins. They handed the trophy to Chanwoo and he raised it up, looking at me. I ran going towards him and hugged him.

"Hey don't hug me! I'm so sweaty right now." I tilted my head up, looking at him and chuckled.

"I don't care if you're sweaty. You still smell good. Congratulations Jung Chanwoo!" He widely smiled kissed me on my forehead. Oh no, my nerves are getting weak.

"Everyone! Attention! I have something to announce!" I was surprised when Chanwoo suddenly catched everyone's attention. Hundreds of people is now staring at us.

"This girl, _______, is my girlfriend. If anyone of you dares to hurt her, physically, verbally and emotionally, I will cut you into a million pieces. I won't let any guy to flirt with her. She's only mine, and I'm only hers." My jaw left hanging open when he said that. I can't even move a little because of shock.

"Surprised?" He hissed near my ears. I nudged his arms in awkwardness.

My eyes widened and was surprised again when he pulled my arms, going to the parking. I can't believe he. . . I mean we, just left the court without saying a word after what he said.

We sat inside his car and he started the engine. My eyebrows met when I saw his eyebrows colliding while smiling.

"You're so random Jung Chanwoo. Where are we going?" I asked while he is still smiling.

"To my hotel room." My eyes widened even more. What the heck! I'm still young Jung Chanwoo!

"Wh-why are we going there? What are we gonna d-do?" He laughed and glanced at me.

"My parents are there. I'm going to introduce you to them and we'll have a celebration." I sighed in relief.

"Haha! Are you thinking of something else huh _______?" He raised his eyebrows up and down teasingly. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

"No! Ew, you pervert." He chuckled and held my hand while still looking at the road.

"We'll do that thing after we get married. Basketball players like me is good at doing that thing." He winked at me. I punched his arms with all of my force.

I didn't know that players like Chanwoo are pervert. But whatever, I still love him even though he's weird and random. And pervert.


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