Thoughts [Dazai Osamu x Reader]

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Currently sitting on chair, reading a book with nothing to do. You were done with you reports and is now waiting for the workday to end.

Suddenly, your senior, Dazai Osamu, sits next to you while reading a book.

Complete Guide To Suicide was the title.

Now, you swore that you've seen him with his nose in that book numerous times. You've always wondered why he was so interested in suicide.

As you continued to read your book, you were disturbed when Dazai closed his book loud enough to catch your attention and turn his body towards you.

"[First Name]-chan." He said in casual tone.

You closed your own book and faced him as well.

"Hmm. What is it, Dazai-kun?" You asked him.

"What are your thoughts on suicide?" He asked in the same casual tone with a hint of cheeriness.

Now that made you think for a while.

Your thoughts on suicide?

"Well. For starters, I think it's a shame to waste one's own life. Although, I can understand the circumstances on why it had to be done; I think it's sort of like a last resort to escape from something . And I think that's about it." You said; not bothering to ask why he asked because you felt that there would be another question to be asked.

Alas, that last bit was correct.

"Ahh. How about your thoughts on two people commiting suicide with each other?" He asked again earnestly.

"You mean like a lover's suicide?" You asked.


"Well. I think it's a bit drastic, but the commitment to the two lovers have for each other is nice."

"Hmm. What do you think about commiting suicide with me?" He asked in a cheerful tone.

That question made you choke on your breath.

"Why would you suddenly ask that out of the blue?" You asked while lightly blushing.

"Because I think you're the perfect candidate. You're kind everyone. You're always willing to help. You're beautiful." He said all that while holding your hands to his chest and looking at you sincerely.

"I've actually liked ever since you joined the Agency. You were always nice to me. No matter how annoying I may be; you still stuck by me. So, please accept my feelings?" He confessed.

You were surprised.

Who on earth would ask you to die with him and then confess his feelings for you?

Other than that, the other reason why you were surprised was because someone had just confessed to you.

Not to mention that you also felt the same.

You were happy, though. Just surprised at the sudden confession.

"Dazai-kun. I-" you were cut off when you felt his lips on yours.

When he pulled away, he looked at you as if he just saw a nice cliff to jump off.

"[First Name]-chan, you're so cute when your all flushed like this!" He said with delight while hugging the life out of you.

You just realized that a blush may have found its way to your cheeks.

Then oxygen became important.

"Dazai-kun. I can't breathe." You said barely able to finish your sentence.

"Sorry." He said while pulling away just enough to see your face while still having his arms around you.

"So... What do you say, [First Name]-chan? Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked with pleading eyes (puppy-dog eyes if you must).

"Of course, Dazai-kun. I'd love to be your girlfriend." You said while smiling at him.

"Yehey!" He said while hugging you again.

It's a wonder why your coworkers haven't caught you guys yet.

"Regarding the double suicide, I won't force you to commit suicide with me yet. I can wait until your ready. So for the mean time we could just be like any other ordinary couple." He told you while standing up and pulling you up with him.

"What are you doing?" You asked him with the blush still on your face but not as intense as it was before.

"I am going to take out on a date to celebrate our relationship." He answered while leading you out of the building much to Kunikida's dismay.

While you were walking beside him, you were wondering what fate had in store for you with this man.

I need help.

Please tell me your thoughts on this.

If you found a error, please enlighten me.

If you have a request feel free to speak up.

Random fact:

When Dazai was still in the mafia, he was said to be a sadist.

Do what you want with that information.

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