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Chapter 27.1: Lost

Mikaela's POV

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and we’re already here in our school. Why? Fieldtrip. Fieldtrip na naging team building activity. Venue? Amansinaya Mountain Resort. Ang loser! -___- Nakakatamad yung ganito. Our section is in the same bus with Jin’s section. Jin is here, KL is here, Gab and Spencer we’re also here. Wala lang si Steven. Balita ko dun sa lalaking dun, napagiwanan ng girl. Kawawa naman! Hahaha! Anyway, who cares right? That’s none of my business.

Pagkadating namin sa venue, it doesn’t look cheap naman. It’s a resort and adventure camp. Great! I’m really not prepared for this kind of activities. After maglunch, dumeretso na kami doon sa place kung saan pinapagather yung lahat and in a while, magsstart na yung mga activities. I’m excited. I have evil plans na naman kasi. Well, actually hindi pa planado gagawin ko pero as usual, I have the plan to ruin Jin’s day.

"Zeke" tawag ko kay Zeke


"Do you still like Jin?"

"Anong klaseng tanong ba naman yan Mika? I’m with you and I’m courting you. Anong kinalaman ni Jin dito?"

"I just want to know. I need to make sure"

"I still like her but you’re the one I love. So there's nothing to worry about"


"I love you Mikaela Valdez"

"I love you too"

He hugged me after that. I’m starting to get annoyed. Why do they like her? When will it just be me? That is one of the reasons why I want to make her life miserable even though I have Zeke. I’m the antagonist in her life and I know that I have a lot of haters because of my attitude but I don't effin care. As long as Zeke is with me and he loves me, that would be enough to survive. No one can bring me down.

Nagsimula na yung program. I’m the one in charge for the program kaya alam ko lahat ng gagawin for today. Amazing race yung unang gagawin and while that is happening, may ibang gagawin yung maiiwan.

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