adopted by you

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Lucas:*waking up* *yawns*baby girl girl wake up *shaking her fast *
Jyla :*yawns *kid I'm up I'm up stop shaking me
Lucas: ok come on *picks her up*
Jyla:kid y r u always picking me up *lays her head on his shoulder*
Lucas: cuz u so small
Jyla:oh owww *holds her chest * sssss owwwww
Lucas: wats wrong baby girl r u
Jyla:yes I think its just my chest hurt really bad
Lucas: did u take your medicine
Lucas: ok just lay down and I well wake u up if any thing happens
Jyla:ok *lays back on his shoulder and gose to sleep*
August (p.o.v)
Hey I just got to the adoption center
Adoption lady =(AL)
AL:jello how may I help u *looks up* oh my ur August Alsina? Well anyway how may I help u Mr.alsina
August: I would like to adopted a girl
AL:ok come with me
Back to Jyla and Lucas
Lucas: *singing to jyla while she's sleep*
Jyla:*waking up crying hugs Lucas really tight*
Lucas:wats wrong baby girl*hugs her back*
Lucas:*starts singing again*
Jyla:*stop crying and starts singing*
August p.o.v
I was walking past a room and I herd people singing I stopped at the door
AL:oh I see you like wat u hear
August: yea who r they
AL:yea that is jyla and Lucas
August: can I met them
AL:ummm yea *knocks on the door and then opens it*
Jyla:*stops singing and sits on Lucas lap and puts her head in his chest*
Lucas:*chuckles*yes miss.k
AL: Lucas jyla this is August and he wanted to talk to u two
Lucas: oh ok
August: hi I'm August and I was wondering if I could adopted her
Lucas:umm that's up to her but if she says no then no
August: ummm ok............jyla can I adopted u
Jyla: ummm only if u adopted kid to
August: who is kid
Lucas: I am
August: well its not wat u acme here for but I will y'all start packing y'all stuff *walks out*
Jyla:Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Kid its finale happening
Lucas: I know um so happy but y did u say I have to go with u
Jyla:one cuz ur the only FAM I have second I love u so much third u have been with me for as long as I can remember four I can't imagine life with out u ur my brother and a daddy figure to me
Lucas:awwwwwwe*fake crying*I love u to baby girl
At August house

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