Chapter XVI- Dark Side Demons

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Remember the people that captured our three Jedi in the earlier chapters? They are mentioned in this chapter, but they might not be as powerful as we think ;)


Unknown POV:

THEY don't have a soul. THEY just kill mercilessly. THEY are the vile creatures that haunt your dreams. THEY are the warriors of the Dark. THEY follow orders from Sidious. THEY don't even have a name. THEY are the Dark Side, known only by the word 'THEY'.

 THEY are the Dark Side, known only by the word 'THEY'

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"The Chosen One has escaped." said the shadowy figure of a human man, through his deadly, cold, venomous whisper-like voice. "He fled the base with his Jedi companions; the master and the apprentice." His dark, shadowy build flickered as he felt the rage boil up in side of his empty soul, though his dark, cold voice was deprived of all emotion.

He watched as the other shadow of a woman appeared from beneath the darkness. She was always there; always watching, and he knew that. Yet she only revealed her true ghostly, shadowy form now.

"Indeed he has." She spoke in the same evil whisper. He couldn't tell if she was enraged just like him—since the human slaves had failed to keep the Jedi imprisoned—but he knew that she would never show her emotions—just like him. THEY use their emotions for power, but never allow anyone (not even their own) to see their feelings. "But the Jedi could not have gone far."

He felt a slight annoyance from her optimism. "He is with the Jedi. The Chosen One is with the Jedi." He almost growled, but kept his rage from bubbling up onto the surface. "With the Chosen One's powers, he could be across the universe by now. He could be in a whole different galaxy or a whole different dimension."

If THEY had faces, he was sure she was scowling at him. But since THEY don't, only the wavering of the black mist made an appearance. "Don't be pessimistic. He is only learning to discover his powers...There is still time..."

"Time to reassure the Jedi's re-capture?" He asked.

"Time to bring the Chosen One before Lord Sidious. The other Jedi are of no importance to us—just like the human slaves. With the Dark Side poison, the Chosen One will submit to the Dark Side and bow down before Lord Sidious and become one of us. The dark energy will corse through his blood stream and make all light inside of his being vanish, leaving nothing but and empty shadow... The Chosen One will be one of us, and become a servant of the Dark." She finished.

She was right. The Chosen One would serve Lord Sidious and become who THEY are. Though with his powerful, new abilities, if will be difficult to regain his capture. "The Chosen One may be too strong for us. He escaped once before." He warned.

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