Chapter 51 – Crash illusion


          Albustru knew exactly what he was needed for and didn’t hesitate for a moment. With every speedy twist and twirl, he flew through the sky with only one destination in mind. That one destination was none other than the Z-Skyline cloud stop.

            Finally he halted, allowing Giselle and Jasmine to hop onto the cloud before them. A puff of air smoked from the cloud as they landed, spreading through the atmosphere just as Albustru roared into the sky. Giselle patted him on the head with a smile, and just like that he lifted his giant wings and jumped into the sky heading for departure. The sky was now his home and Giselle couldn’t help but watch him take off.

Just as Giselle first experience, the clouds felt completely soft under her feet. The only difference was at this very point in time she wasn’t shocked by it, it was the furthest thing from her mind. All she could think about was how Isaac could be in trouble.

            Yet the burning question strangling her mind was, how much time did she have to save him?

            Jasmine, whom was awfully quiet, finally cleared her throat breaking the silence consuming the air.   

            Jasmine nudged her shoulder against Giselle’s. “Hey, you okay?”

            She sighed deeply in return. “I’m as good as I can be.”

            “Yeah, you could have at least warned me about the whole Cromin idea.”

            “Drastic times call for drastic measures.”

            “I always knew you were reckless.” Jasmine laughed. “But this, this is crazy.”

            Giselle cracked the slightest smile. “I don’t think it is.”


            “Yes. I feel like this was destined to happen.”

            Jasmine stared at her confused before easing her expression into understanding. “Like Jasmine and Giselle were bound to save the day.”

            Giselle giggled. “Something like that.”

            “Hey, don’t let this bring you down.” Jasmine muttered before putting her arm around Giselle. “We’ll get through this.”

            “I know.” Giselle smiled. “I have to be strong…”

            For Isaac.

            Before they could continue conversation, a trembling passed through the clouds. Giselle was a bit shaken since it was unfamiliar but Jasmine stood steady knowing what was coming. It was obvious that they were about to take flight, Giselle was just oblivious to this minor detail.

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