Chapter 14

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Saturday, April 13, 6:00 A.M.
6 months pregnant
2 months in a coma

    I had slept in the hospital lobby yet again, even though it was extremely uncomfortable, especially being pregnant.
"Allie! Wake up! Come here!" Anne said to me. Groggily, I stood up. I looked 9 months pregnant at only 6. I walked slowly into Oliver's room. He was still sleeping peacefully.
    Suddenly, his eyelids opened, slowly. His green eyes seemed to light up the room. For the first time in 2 months, I smiled. "Allie? Is that you?"
    "Of course it is," I said. He looked at my belly. "How long have I been asleep?" he exclaimed. "2 months." I told him about what had happened. His back and leg had healed. I had been waiting for him. He was in a car crash. The last thing he remembered was getting in the car.
     The doctors all came in, and everybody was excited. They started to do some tests to make sure he was okay. "Lift up your arm" "Blink 3 times" "When's your birthday?" "Lift up your leg." Lift up your leg. I'll never forget those words.
     "I-I can't," he said, a worried look on his face. The doctors discovered he couldn't feel anything below his waist. Quickly, they whisked him away, just minutes after he had woken up. I broke down, protectively holding my belly. This was too much for me to handle. His parents comforted me.       
      After what felt like an eternity, the doctor came to talk to us. "We had thought his back was fully healed, but it turns out there had been severe damage to his spine. There's nothing we could have done or can do now. Your son is paralyzed below the waist."
     Those words hit me like a boulder. I remembered how hard it was for my mom. Oliver was even younger, only 16. The next three days I spent crying and comforting Ollie.
    On Thursday, he was let out in his new wheelchair. "What a couple we are," Ollie joked, putting his hand on my bulging stomach. I laughed. He always found ways to be positive.
     We spent the next few weeks together learning how to live like this. We set up the triplets' nursery. It was in the empty guest bedroom in my house.
    There were three matching cribs, each with a different letter above it. Oliver and I even went to a few parenting classes. Now all we had to do was continue school and wait for July to come.

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