Chapter 13

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   The day after we found out the genders, we started brainstorming names. After a long time, Oliver and I decided on Olivia(After him), Madeline, and Hector. It was crazy to give names to the little humans inside of me.

The next day...

     I was laying on my bed, phone rested on my belly, which was covered by a huge maternity shirt. Oliver was going on a fishing trip with some friends. I hadn't gone, because of Olivia, Madeline, and Hector.
     My phone started ringing. It was from Anne. I wondered why she was calling. "Allie, Allie honey," she said. "Yes?" I asked. "Listen carefully. I'm sorry to say this, but Ollie's been in an accident. He's in the hospital. He's asleep. We would love for you to come and support him." I was shocked. I heard Anne crying on the other end. I told her I would be there soon. She said she would call my dad, so I hopped in the truck and started driving. Thoughts swarmed my head as I drove. This was just like the day my mom got in an accident.
    Ollie couldn't leave me now, 5 months pregnant. The triplets and I needed him. Tears streamed down my face. I hoped he was okay.
    When I arrived, doctors told me he was in a coma. He had been in a car crash. His left leg was broken, and his spine was injured as well. They said it would all heal with time and care.
     I cried myself to sleep in the hospital lobby, beside Oliver's parents. For 2 months, every day, I cried. I went to school as much as I could. I was scared. Every day, my stomach seemed to get bigger.

What if Oliver never woke up?

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