Chapter 10

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    It had been about a month since we had told Oliver's parents about the pregnancy, and since then, a lot of things had fallen into place. Ollie's family invited us over for Christmas, so Dad and I wouldn't be alone. We were starting to feel like one big family.
    After having pancakes and exchanging a few small presents with my dad at home, we headed over to their house. I was greeted with a kiss from Ollie under the mistletoe. He put his hand on my belly. "Allie look! You're starting to show!" I looked down at my stomach, which was just barely showing through my loose sweater. I couldn't wait to find out their genders in 2 months.
     We laughed, exchanged presents, and played games. I got lots of baby things, including onesies, maternity clothes, gift cards, 3 cribs(a surprise from Oliver), and even some diapers.
Christmas was relaxing, and by the end of the day I felt closer to Oliver's family. We guessed the genders. I guessed 3 girls, and Oliver guessed 2 boys and a girl.

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