Chapter 1: BunnyBurrows

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Nick's P.O.V

I don't know why but, ever since Judy and I got assigned the case of the four missing kids, she's been a bit edgy. She's been putting in overtime and heck, I joined her but, here she is again pushing herself too hard. I decided maybe I should give the cute Bunny a day off.
"Hey, Carrots."
I spoke, giving her my signature smirk. Judy rushed over to me.
"What is it? Is it about the case? Did you find something?!"
Judy stood on the tip of her paws and had grabbed my necktie leaning in with hope. I gave her my half lidded eyes and breathed in and said,
"No, no I did not." flatly.
Judy slumped and released my tie.
"Ugh! Than what Nick? We have to solve this case!"
She said exasperated. Before I could respond, our phones went off.
"Looks like it's time to clock out and go home."
I said, using my paws to straighten my tie.
Judy looked at me curiously.
"Well Wilde, what were you going to say to me?"
Judy asked, blushing a bit as we walked towards the lobby. I stopped for a minute, thinking how cute she was whenever she blushed like we weren't in a relationship, which we happen to be dating.
"Well. I've been thinking, Carrots. How bout we head down to BunnyBurrow for the weekend for a bit of a vacation."
I said as I gazed at her gorgeous amethyst eyes. She froze and stared dumbfounded and nodded.
"Yeah, that'd be great, we could see my family. And you could have fun with my siblings."
She said with small giggle.
"Oh gosh darn! How ever will I manage over 100 little bunnies?"
I said sarcastically, putting a paw over my chest.
Judy chuckled and smiled. As we left to head home and prepare to leave for BunnyBurrow, we waved goodbye to a friendly chubby cheetah we knew named Benjamin Clawhauser. He waved back excitedly as he stuffed a chocolate donut covered with sprinkles in his mouth.
I can't wait to relax with Judy.

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