Chapter 11

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Hello and welcome to Chapter 11. Thank you all who have read my story. Really threw you for a loop with the helicopter thing, didn't I?

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, only my OCs.

Anyways, enjoy!


Chapter 11

"...And that is the most likely cause as to why the cons want Kitten." Fowler finished, staring around the room. Jack stood, slack jawed, much like Raph. Most of the Autobots held the same expressions, save for a certain mini bot. The silver bot was looking down, his frame shaking and servos clenched by his side.

"Shiftgear...?" Optimus ventured cautiously.

In a deadly calm voice he asked, "When were you planning on telling us, Fowler?"

"Well... I hoped I would never have to tell you all. Especially not like this." The agent replied uneasily.

"You... Never... Intended to tell us?" Shiftgear asked, slowly looking up, optics afire with anger. Fowler nodded, trying to look professional. Shiftgear snarled, barely keeping control. "Fowler, I swear, if she is dead, I will kill you in the most painful way possible!"

Fowler's eyes widened. Optimus interjected. "Shiftgear, stand down. Violence is not the answer. We must remain calm."

Shiftgear looked up at him, optics narrowed. "How 'bout this? You all can keep yerselves calm, I can look for Kit, deal?" Without waiting for an answer, the mini bot ran off, faster than most thought he could.

"Optimus?" Ratchet asked, looking up at his leader. The large red and blue transformer stared after the silver mini bot, and suddenly a thought struck him.

"Ratchet, since Kitten is part Cybertronian, she would carry a life signal, would she not?" He questioned urgently.

Ratchet stared at him in confusion before realization dawned on him. Picking up on his leader's thoughts, Ratchet smiled and declared, "Optimus, you are a genius!" Turning back to his computer, the medic began typing rapidly, digits flying across the key pad.

"Um, what just happened?" Miko asked, staring at the orange-red and white mech.

"Since Kitten is part Cybertronian it would make sense that she had a life signal like the rest of us. So, if I could track Kitten's signal, then we could not only save her from wherever she has been taking but also take out the Decepticon fortress!" Ratchet explained hurriedly, his words blurring together slightly.

Miko stared before saying, "Uh, what?"

Jack groaned and rolled his eyes. "Miko, he means: find Kitten, destroy Cons' fortress. Need anymore help?" Miko glared at him but said nothing. "Arcee, we should go find Shiftgear and tell him that-"

"No." Optimus cut in firmly. "If this does not work, he will only act foolishly. It would be best to wait till we know for sure that we will find her."

Jack looked like he wanted to protest but stayed silent. Sighing, he said, "Well, the least we could do would be to tell her family what's happening. They need to know. Especially Seth. The two of them are the closet of all her family."

Optimus nodded. "Arcee, take Jack back to the Macanera's house and let them know what is wrong." he instructed. The femme nodded and transformed, waiting for her charge. Jack mounted the motorcycle and they took off.

The Autobot leader watched them go. Please be alright, Kitten. Don't give up and stay strong.

~With Kitten~

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