Chapter 6

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*Chapter 6 Roxy's P.O.V*

*March 12, 2016 7:00 A.M*

I stumbled downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Jace," I whined.

"What,"He asked. He was pouring himself coffee. I stumbled over to him and hugged him.

"Not this again," He groaned. He started walking. Nick and the boys walked into the kitchen.

"Nick. Get her off me," Jace said. Nick walked over and picked me up. He pulled me off Jace. I walked over and hugged Nick

"It's friday and we don't have school," Nick cheered. I walked over to the sofa and plopped down. Val walked up to me and sat down.

"What's today's plan," I asked.

"I do-" She said but she was interrupted by a phone call.

"Hello" She said.

"Yea. Okay. Who? Only us. Okay. You sure. Okay," She said. The she hung up. She got up. She took Jace's coffee and started drinking it.

"Heyyy. That was mine," He whined. She smirked.

"And now it's mine," She said. Ashlynn walked in.

"Ash, Val Pack your bags. We're going to florida," she said. I squealed. Ash and I ran upstairs to my room. I pulled out 4 suitcases. Ashlynn and I are the same size in clothes. We started packing

*Val's P.O.V*

"Okay Spill. Why are you going to florida," Hunter said.

"I don't have to justify my actions to you," I smirked.

"But you do to me," Phoenix said walking in. I groaned.

"Nix Your bag is already packed. I have personal business to attend to. So I'm taking you guys with me. You can go to disneyland and what not. While I take care of thing. Hunter, Ryder,Nick, and Jace your going to be coming with me," I said.

"What mission is this," Nix asked.

"Kendall needs to be killed. Also James has apparently been contacting the Hale brothers a lot. Also Blake wanted to go," I said.

"Anyway Blake's waiting outside. Boys your bags are already in the car,"I said. I walked to the stairs.
"GIRLS HURRY UP," I said. THey ran down with their suitcases and out the door. I walked to the door. Someone grabbed my hand.

"Valentina," Phoenix warned.

"Phoenix. I know. This is the Last time. I'm keeping your warning in mind," I said.

"Just making sure little sis," He said.

"5 FUCKING MINUTES NIX! YOUR OLDER BY 5 MINUTES," I shouted. Everyone started laughing. I walked out. Everyone piled into the car. Phoenix was driving. Roxy was in the passenger's seat. Ashlynn was in the middle seat with Nick and Ryder. I was sitting between Hunter and Jace. Jace looked mad. Roxy turned up the radio. The song Do it again was playing.

"Turn it up," I cheered. Ashlynn, Roxy and I started singing.


We pulled up to the hotel. We grabbed our bags and walked in. Phoenix got 4 keys.

"Nick and Ashlynn your sharing. Ryder and Hunter your sharing. Jace and Val Your sharing. Roxy and I will share," Phoenix said. He handed out the keys. We rode the elevator to the 6th floor. Jace and I walked to our room. He unlocked the door. We walked in. I closed the door behind us. I put my phone on the night stand. I walked over to the left bed. I put my bags down. I grabbed my shorts and tank. I walked to the bathroom. I changed into my tank top and shorts. My phone start ringing. I walked out. I was just about to grabbed it. Jace took it and declined the call. He turned and started walking towards me. I walked backwards slowly. He looked pissed.

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