Kians Day

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- last chap -
Maria came up to me after the boys were ahead of us and whispered
"We'll have our moment again bbg"
Then kissed my cheek and ran up to kian and jumped on his back
Kian's Pov:
Maria whispered something into Jasmine's ear then jumped onto my back...I hope Jasmine isn't stealing Maria.

Today was my day and I'm super excited. *smiles big like an idiot*
- back at the house -
"Ready for tonight?" I ask Maria
"Yup yup..."
She sounded scared
"What's wrong!?"
"I'm...nothing. I can't wait for tonight"
She got up and went to her room

- Maria's Pov -
"I'm...nothing. I can't wait for tonight"
I lied to kian. I wasn't really in the mood for sex...I felt bad.
I went to my room and got dressed.

I put on my "Thing 1" red sweatshirt over my black sun-flowery crop top. I grabbed my light blue high-waisted skinny jeans and my white vans (DAAAAMN DANIEL😂🔫)

I went to the bathroom after I got dressed and did my hair and makeup.

I curled my hair perfectly with my curling wand. I then used my M.A.C concealer to perfect my stupid flaws. I did a smokey eye and put on my lipgloss.

"Woahhhh you look sexy af"
I turned around to see J.C staring at me
"Thanks" I said brushing past him

I went down stairs to see kian who had stuffed his face with donuts
"Ahaha you hungry?"
He looked at me and just stood staring

- Kian's Pov -
...I couldn't stop staring at Maria. I didn't care about how she looked but tonight. I wouldn't stop staring at her.
"God damn you're beautiful!!!"
She blushed and smiled huge like an idiot. She's so cute(😍)

She grabbed my hand and we walked out the door
Hey babes. I'm sorry. I need to go study for my exams. I love you all. I promise I'm going to start updating more. I've deleted all social media except this and You have all my attention. Lmao. I love you all so much. Thank you guys.
Stay beautiful
Message me if you ever need anyone. I'm here❤️❤️


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