Warning: this includes slight incest.I say slight incest because they're technically related, but not by blood.

I'm not even going to comment on how late this was, I'm that mad.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Thank God for Cougars

Rated R

"I'm sorry for your loss."

I'm not.

"She was a great person."


"I can't believe this happened to her."

I sure as hell can.

I quickly walked out of the funeral hall to dodge any more of the false grievers. If any of them were there to actually commemorate my mother in her life, they didn't truly know her. They couldn't truly grieve for her if they never knew her; and if they did know her, they wouldn't be sad for her passing.

I was crossing the parking lot when I heard someone call out, "Tanner!"

I turned around to face the person who yelled my name with a fake sad expression, only to drop it for one of irritation when I realized who it was.

"Go away," I said and hurried away to my car. Sadly, he was faster than me. Stupid long legs.

His hand landed on my shoulder and he whipped me around to face him. "I have to talk to you, Tanner," he said.

"Why, Peter? Her death is only proof that she was cheating on you for most of your marriage," I said, childishly attempting to hurt him.

"Please, Tanner," he said, his blue eyes meeting my brown ones.

"Did you drive here?"


"Fine," I said, jerking my shoulder so his hand fell off. "Get in the car."

I jumped into the driver's seat and slammed the door as Peter opened the passenger's side door. Pushing off the temptation to shoot the car forward and leave my ex-step-father in the dust, I instead buckled up and started the engine. One Peter was set, I drove off to my apartment in a rush, eager to get our talk over with.

My apartment wasn't the greatest place. I could hear the train blowing its whistle every night, and I knew one of my neighbors' names was 'Charlie' since it was called out on a regular basis. There were cracks in the outside walls, the carpet smelled of cigarettes and the wallpaper was peeling at the corners. But it was the best I could afford, being a sophomore in college. I lived on corndogs and ramen, but I was doing it on my own, so I never complained.

After parking, I led Peter up the walkway and into the apartment foyer before unlocking the front door and letting him in front of me. We climbed up to the second floor and got to my door, already able to hear 'Charlie' and his girl going at it. I quickly undid the deadbolt and the door lock and went inside; locking the door behind me after Peter came inside.

I turned away from the door to see Peter looking around at my crappy living room furniture like a lost puppy. His dark blond hair was in need of a cut, only being held back by his small square glasses. The lenses magnified his light blue eyes, making them appear slightly larger than they already were. It was obvious why my dear late mother wanted him, an incredibly handsome and sexy man, but not why he would ever like her.

"What, have you never seen an apartment before? Did rich Mommy and Daddy give you everything in college a few years ago?" I said with a sneer.

Yes, Peter was 27, having been married to my 42-year-old whore of a mother for three years. Gross.

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