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[its shocking as of how I'm already on chapter eleven, huh.]

Lisa had her head snuggled into the crook of his neck, only to look up and see his eyes closed. He was asleep, so she decided to put on her purple robe and get ready for a shower. As she stood, she heard a light thumping on her door. She then realized the possibility of it being Jimin apologizing and making it up to her was high, so she lightly patted her hair and made sure it looked like she had a tame night.

She opened the door to see, instead, Jungkook. He wore a black turtle neck and a frustrated expression on his face. "You.." She paused, "what are you here for?" He shrugged, we need to talk. Jimin doesn't know I'm here." Jungkook whispered this, and looked into her apartment. He's never been to her house except for the outside, and the sight wasn't pleasant.

"Oh. Look I don't give out free offers if that's what you're trying to say-" Jungkook began to cackle from the statement. "Don't take offense to this but you act like a rat and your looks aren't so far apart either so don't flatter yourself."

This made her roll her eyes and cover herself up more with the silk fabric. "Anyway, why are you here?" He smiled, "May I go inside?"
She reluctantly let him in, and he could already smell the fumes from the alcohol and the nicotine. "Your house smells disgusting." He commented, his disgust dripping within each word.

"Would you get to the point?" He looked around, noticing the shoes by the door, and a pair of Jordans was owned by a male. "Those. Look, I know. I know you're cheating on Jimin." Within his statement she grew salty tears at the brim of her eyes. He didn't even bother to lean over and console her.

"Stop that. First off, you're snapping at Jimin which hurts his feelings. Then you cheat on him. What's wrong with you?" She stood there, staring at her feet. "I'd also like to talk about Abigail. Apparently the peasant booty call." He added, making her giggle. Yet he wasn't laughing.

"Alright. Go ahead." She sat beside Jungkook, slightly staring along his body. Sometimes she regretted going after Jimin, he has so many issues. Now she kind of wanted a strong man like Jungkook. She scooted closer, analyzing his lips and fingers. "I want to know why."

She sighed, "Why what?" She then leaned over the table and grabbed a pack of cigarettes. "Don't smoke until I'm gone." He smacked he pack from her hand, "I want to know why you cheated on Jimin." She laid her head back, staring at the ceiling. "There's many reasons."

"First off, he has too many issues. Like he is insecure over his body and crap. I don't want to deal with that. That and he said he didn't want to be the one who took my virginity, he said he wanted me to wait until marriage. What a fool, he thinks I'm a virgin." She again cackled, "And I just was craving something new. I mean you can eat other candies while you're eating your main dessert, right?"

Jungkook grew aggravated, and yelled, "No! You can't! Do you not understand the pain you put him through? He is coming home crying because he thinks that he did something wrong!" She shrugged, "That sounds like a you problem."

Jungkook clenched his fists by his side, and his knuckles turned into shades of pink and red. "Anyway, I'm proposing an idea." She nodded, "Go on." Jungkook then continued, "I think you need to get caught by Jimin. That or tell him." She raised her left brow, "Won't that hurt him more?"

Jungkook sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "I think he needs to move on." She nodded. "Okay, but I want to stay with Jimin." She whispered this, half hoping nobody would hear the statement. "What?" He said this with shock. "I like Jimin. He actually cares, you know? It's hard to come by people like him." Jungkook shook his head, "Then you shouldn't cheat."

"I have another question." Jungkook persisted, and she sighed with irritation. "What now?" "What's your problem with Abigail?" Jungkook asked, and this made Lisa tear up again. She tried hiding it this time.

No answer. Jungkook awaited but all he heard was small sniffles until finally she was hiccuping into sobs. She pressed her hands against her eyes. "Hurry." Jungkook persisted, and she wiped away her tear stained eyes. She had to admit her feelings on this one was genuine.

"Abigail was so pretty. And no she's not an ice queen but delicate and pretty. She smiled and he smiled back to her. I remember how Jimin looked when he first met me, when he hides his undying interest." She shook her head with a smile, "And that's how he looks at her."

Jungkook scoffed, "He can't like her! I mean... It's not fair." She then realized the situation, and gave a bitter smile. "It's true. He can't help it and neither can you. Jimin likes her. He doesn't want to, that's what he did with me. Even if it's simple, well, simplicity isn't so simple." Jungkook nodded.

"Yeah. Take as long as you need to let Jimin figure out... I... I have to go." He then stood and slammed the door behind him.

Lisa leaned back, grabbing the pack as she did so. She had a bitter smile, "That kid. Wonder what he's gonna do." She then lit her cigarette, and inhaled sharply. "Life sucks."

so this was actually completely different compared to how it was actually going to go. Like there was going to be throwing and stuff but nah I changed it.

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