Getting Published!

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I'm happy to announce The Cell Phone Swap is getting published!

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I'm happy to announce The Cell Phone Swap is getting published!

Here are some facts about the book:

1. The Cell Phone Swap will remain on Wattpad till the end of time....or until the zombies apocalypse comes. Whichever comes first.

2. The published version will be different from the Wattpad version. I've revamped it to make it bigger and better than ever. Some new characters will be introduced and sadly, some old characters got the axe but don't worry—the core people like Keeley, Talon, Zach, and Nicky are all there in their crazy wonkiness.

3. The published version of The Cell Phone Swap will be getting a new title—Textrovert. I worked long and hard on the title but finally came up with it when I put "introvert" and "text" together. The WP version will stay The Cell Phone Swap though. This will help differentiate between the two versions.

4. In lieu of the changes I've made to TCPS it's been impossible to continue working on Gambling with Hearts until you guys have read Textrovert which is why I haven't updated. Once it's published I will start updating again. FYI: Any books connected with TCPS will be posted on Wattpad.

5. The cover is still being worked on but follow me on Twitter (DoNotMicrowaveX) and Instagram (DoNotMicrowaveX) to get a glimpse when it's finished.

6. It will hopefully be out in Spring of 2017. I'm working hard to edit and make the deadlines. :)

Can't wait for you guys to read Textrovert. Getting published couldn't have happened without you!

*UPDATE* TEXTROVERT will be released May 2, 2017!

**UPDATE** TEXTROVERT is getting translated into French, Italian, Turkish, and Spanish!

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