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I wipe the sweat from my brow before it drops into my eyes. Fandral is certainly a worthy opponent... Today, we are practicing sword fighting. In Asgard, they don't mess around practice is almost as dangerous as real combat. We use real blades.

"You ready to turn in, young Barton?" Fandral asks as he circles me with his blade drawn.

"Only if my master needs a rest." I sarcastically offer.

Fandral takes that as his cue to charge. I quickly step to the side and parry his blow.

Right left right left

This style of sword fighting is much different than what my father taught me, but many of the concepts are similar. Don't get stabbed. Don't die.

I have been mostly on offense for the duration of our battle. It's my turn to attack. I change my stance and start to progress towards Fandral.

He favors his right side...if I can just sneak my blade right through his weak point...

Out of the corner of my eyes I am distracted by a sudden movement. I notice Thor leaning over the rail and surveying my training. Thor...the king of Asgard is watching me battle Fandral...Torrun's dad...I have to win...

My grip on my sword tightens and I vigorously attack Fandral. I can tell he is tiring a little. Perhaps I have worn him down a little...

The crash and clatter of our swords creates and odd music that echoes around the courtyard. I finally get Fandral to where he is cornered against a wall. Things are looking up for me... Fandral notices his predicament and tries to get away from the corner.

Suddenly I am taken off guard. He must have been holding back... With a burst of energy Fandral manages to knock my sword from my hand and place his blade uncomfortably at my neck.

"Well done lad! That was a fine fight!" Fandral exclaims.

He removes his sword from my neck and bends down to pick my sword off of the ground.

Thor walks onto the courtyard and motions for Fandral to leave.

"If you would not mind, I wish to have a word with your pupil." Thor says.

Fandral nods and walks away.

Thor hasn't spoke to me very often during my stay in Asgard. I suppose it has to do with him being busy as King...

"You are a great warrior, just like your father." Thor says.

I faintly smile and nod.

"He taught me everything he knew" I reply.

Thor smiles and starts to walk. I walk beside him and wait to hear what he has to say.

"I did not come just to exchange pleasantries. After much consideration I have come to the conclusion that you have a right to know the state Torrun is in. She placed herself in this position to save you so I believe she would want you to know."

I'm so very confused...condition? What condition...is she not in a coma?

I keep silent so Thor can continue.

"There is a great power in the line of Odin. A force beyond reckoning that is passed through generations. It grants the wielder a strange and unique ability that rivals that of any common magic. My father used it to defeat the likes of Galactus and many evils that plagued our realm. Called "The Odinforce" by my people it makes the host the most powerful Asgardian alive. It can be a dangerous responsibility for if the power is misused it can become a dark and terrible weapon. It was presumed that I, as heir to the throne of Asgard would inherit "The Odinforce" and follow in the footsteps of my father, Odin. Instead, this responsibility has fallen to my daughter."

I'm speechless. I don't know how to respond. Torrun is the most powerful Asgardian alive??? How...

"What does this have to so with her condition?" I ask.

Thor sighs and looks at me with sorrow in his eyes.

"If the user expels to much power in a small amount of time the user will fall into a deep, death like sleep until their magic is replenished. It is unknown how long the "Odinsleep" will last. Meaning, Torrun could lay in her slumber for years or even centuries."

A single tear trickles down my cheek. I might be dead before she wakes up...

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