Beginnings and Ends

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~~Three days ago~~

Across South Korea in Seoul, in a dark room a man shut his laptop off with a growl... His long black hair fell down his back, his bangs twinged with a bright red hung over one of his eyes, making him look bad ass if anyone were there to have seen him. But he was alone. He reminded himself that SHE was with someone else. He remembered the day his father had introduced him to his ex-fiancé. She had been a dime a dozen looking woman with no seeming redeeming qualities. He remembered being so bored. The things he had had to give up and sacrifice to make his father happy. The time he had spent with her and then her breaking up with him. Pulling open the top drawer, he reached in picking up the small one of a kind ring. He laughed as he remembered the day she had received his deceased mother's ring. She had been so happy to get it. Thinking she had his heart. Boy was she ever wrong. Well his father wasn't here to run his life anymore. And he was now the big dog in charge. He stood and opened the curtains of his room. Today was a beautiful day, and he was going to find her again. See if she was still with that loser. Tomorrow all his employees would help in this.

~~ Back to present day in Daegu & Love homage to Author's bias~~

Tae-lin tapped her fingers impatiently on one of the Cafe Lotta cafe tables. In the quaint cafe where she and her companion was sitting in they could hear the solo song of BigBang's Daesung. Quietly she asked, "Well???"

After receiving no response from her companion she continued,"After hearing everything from you I am not sure if I am rooting for you guys to be together or for you to just pretend you never heard it. Have you made a decision?" She asked the ebony haired woman sitting across from her.

Min-ah looked up from her iced coffee and looked Tae-lin square in the face and said very quietly, "I think I want to try a relationship with Jae-won Oppa, I am just, I have one worry."

Tae-lin arched her eyebrows and responded, "And what is that?"

Min-ah licked her lips and then quietly replied,"I don't want to ever lose his friendship. It means a lot to me."

Those words sent Tae-lin into a laughing frenzy. When she calmed down she looked at the glaring younger girl and smiled reassuringly, "Oh sweetheart, you didn't know this but you can do no wrong in Jae-won's eyes. He practically worships the ground you walk on."

Min-ah smiled at this. Jae-won was really a sweetheart. How she hadn't seen the signs before hand was beyond her. Tae-lin and Min-ah sat and silently drank on their iced coffees.

Minah sent Jae-won a text asking if he would meet her later for some coffee at the cafe down the road from her apartment complex.

His reply came almost as quickly as she had almost set her phone down. She smiled, this would be one relationship that would not be toxic like the last few relationships she had previously.

"If those bitches look over here one more time I will give them a reason to be looking." Tae-lin growled her eyes glaring at a table behind Min-ah. Min-ah turned to look at the girls pissing Tae off. She instantly recognized one of them as the woman who was obviously now Myun-kei's wife. Pretending to not even know the woman she calmly turned back around and said in a voice only just loud enough to make the women hear, "Unnie, calm down they probably think your out fit is amazing. Because you know it is. Anyways, Oppa is meeting me later so I will talk to him about he and I." she touched Tae's hand as she sipped the last of her coffee and motioned for Tae-lin to follow.

Tae-lin smiled and eased back into her cheerful mood. "So when can I expect a new addition to the Park family?" she teased Min-ah. She did not expect an answer. At least not such a direct one.

"If all things go smoothly then perhaps in less than 8 months." Min-ah said as she quickly made the date progressions in her head. 8 months seemed to be the perfect number to assume before a proposal. She blushed as Tae-lin's mouth dropped.

"8 months? Seriously? Only that amount of time left? I have some serious planning to do with you. What colors are you thinking?" Tae-lin was now on a different kind of high. Her best friend would be her sister for real!

Min-ah laughed. Sometimes she wondered who the older one really was.

~~Later that day in Seoul~~

"You are the one who found her?" the black and red haired man asked the younger male standing in front of him.

The younger male, Kim Won-woo was dressed in a Cafe Lotta uniform. His father; an employee of VN Enterprise, had shown him a picture of a woman and told him that if he were to ever see her to tell him immediately. His father's boss, Jung Myun-kei had offered a promotion to whoever found her.

When she had walked into the cafe with her friend he had immediately called his father. He had been told to listen to everything said and write it all down. Right now his father sat at a low rank but if the boss liked the information he had his father could end up as a manager or better.

Won-woo nodded his head and replied, "Yes sir. She came into the cafe where I work with a female friend of hers. My father had shown me her picture yesterday and said if I ever saw her to tell him immediately. I called him as soon as I saw her. He said you might want to know anything that said so I took some notes."

Myun-kei perked up at this. Finding her was all he had asked his employees to do but this employee had gone beyond that and had asked his son to take down everything he could. "Give me the report then." he demanded of the kid.

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